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Tips to prevent skin condition and hair care during monsoon

Monsoon brings with it; it shares of enjoyment as well as risks of skin infections. Staying away from street foods keeps you safe from the infections associated with the gastro intestinal tract but being wet makes your skin prone to fungal infections and allergies. Some basic steps to prevent such skin conditions are as follows-

1. Cleanse the skin. The skin should be cleaned 3-4 times a day with non-soapy face washes/ cleansing lotions. This helps to clean excessive oil and dirt from the skin pores and helps it breathe.
2. Skin toning is essential. Non-alcoholic skin toners should be used to tone the skin twice a day to maintain the skin’s pH balance. Toning revives the skin and gives it an impeccable sheen.
3. Keeping dry skin moisturised. If your skin appears to be dry, moisturise it with a good moisturiser. Application of rose water, glycerine or almond oil before retiring to bed is beneficial in keeping the skin supple and healthy.
4. Keep oily skin clean. If you have oily skin and have visible whiteheads or blackheads, try to minimise oil secretion from the skin by using water-based moisturisers, cleansers and by applying citrus face packs. Drinking a lot of water also helps in reducing oil production.
5. Shield your skin- Just because it’s cloudy, does not mean your skin is protected from the sun. It is highly important to guard your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays, so always use a sunscreen with micronized Zinc or Titanium dioxide in it for complete protection.
6. Gentle exfoliation- Dead skin cells should be removed at least twice a week. Use a good skin scrub to get rid of those dead cells and make your skin radiant and glowing.
7. Drink adequate water- Drink at least 7-8 glasses of water to maintain skin hydration, as the skin loses a lot of water due to sweating.
8. Avoid artificial jewellery- For those who have very sensitive skin, it is best to avoid wearing heavy jewellery altogether. The humidity can make your skin break out when it comes into contact with anything irritable. So avoid jewellery around your neck and wrists and allow your skin to breathe.
9. Chemical peels are a fantastic way to freshen up a lustreless dull skin- A number of peels are available to choose from like peels for sensitive skin, arginine peels for under-eye dark circles, etc. Of course, all these external efforts will be in vain if you are not hearty from inside. So eat vegetables and fruits and make sure you get adequate rest and stay relatively stress-free.

Hair care-
A regular hair care routine can go a long way in insuring you against tangles, wet and messy hair.

Our recommendations on how to take to take good care of your hair during monsoon are as follows-
Choose a sensible hairstyle that can bounce back into place easily after being wet. Avoid hairstyles that require your hair to be straightened, crimped or curled since the high levels of humidity in the air will make the hair go limp.

Try not to use hair sprays and gels, as the lacquers and gums can stick to the scalp causing dandruff.

No matter how much trouble you take to keep your head dry, a heavy rainy day is sure to leave you soaking. Proper drying of hair can help in minimizing the damage of excessive wetting of hair. Pat-dry your hair gently before using an electric blower rather than scrubbing with a towel. Also, make sure that the temperature is not too high or you may end up burning your hair.

Do not leave your hair wet or tie it while it is wet, as this could cause dandruff. it’s better to avoid styling products and hair gels especially during this time of the year. Regular washing and conditioning are the best options to opt for.

Avoid hot hair-treatments such as perming, straightening or colouring in the rainy season, as these treatments need time to settle on your strands and are likely to be washed away in the rain.

When combined with wet weather, treatments like colouring tend to weaken the hair shaft and promote breakage, hair fall and split ends so if possible avoid them.

Shampoo at least 2-3 times a week, to keep away the dirt and pollution that sticks your hair throughout the day. And apply a good quality conditioner after shampoo.

What you put into your body is as important as what you put on your hair. Remember to include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet.

Massaging oil is very good for the health of your hair, but make sure not to keep the oil for more than 2-3 hours.

BY: Dr. Mohan Thomas, Senior Cosmetic Surgeon, Cosmetic Surgery Institute

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