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Title: Keys to being a successful high school student for Abroad preparation

Education is a vital process in the overall development of a human being. It is education which develops a person’s character, reforms his/her mindset and transforms mental faculties. Adequate education is a necessary aspect of every child’s development.  Parents always strive to give their offspring the best education available. The performance of every child varies according to their strengths & weaknesses. Proper performance evaluation helps pinpoint areas where a student is lacking & needs to improve.

Successful students & toppers have specific habits which differentiate them from the conventional ones. This article aims to dwell on those practices.

  1. Organized work ethics

Toppers follow a well-organized routine throughout their day. It helps them cope with all of their daily academic requirements. Properly planning out all of one’s day to day activities is an essential factor since students have to deal with a lot of workloads. Dedication to their work is a critical thing that differentiates toppers from the rest of the lot. Class leaders set a daily routine for themselves. And they follow that diligently without any second thought. This level of discipline is what helps them achieve success in all that they do.

  1. Developing a winning habit

Winners have a particular fire inside them which sets them apart from the rest. They do not just like to compete but win the competition. Class and school toppers incur this winning habit from a very young age. Toppers never shy away from any challenge and strive to give the best in every situation. These children incorporate the habit of winning not just in their studies but in every field. They aim to be successful in any sports or extracurricular activities they take part in.

  1. Studying clever not hard

Surveys conducted by the United States government’s National Center for Educational Statistics show that the majority of students across the US perform average in reading & mathematics. This clearly shows that success is not common & cannot be easily attained. A mistake most students do is to study for long hours rigorously. Toppers chalk out a plan of study & diligently follow it up. They divide their time up and allocate each for a particular subject. Toppers prioritize their subjects and complete all pending work. says John Marcus, the Content Head of brand

  1. Avoid multitasking

No matter what the internet pundits say, multitasking is something students should avoid. It hinders the development of one’s focus & concentration.  Tutors often specifically ask their students to complete one assignment at a time & then take on the next. Successful school goers do not multitask as it reduces their focus & decreases their studying efficiency. They make a habit of focusing on one job at a time. Focus on one thing at a time helps one learn something more quickly & remember it better.

  1. Take enough rest

School toppers never underestimate the power of sleep. They make it a thing to get complete eight hours of sleep each day. Getting total rest is essential for proper development of the mind & body. Lack of sleep decreases one’s concentration & reduces intelligence.

Students are often burdened with excessive workloads. Alongside that, they have to compete & their parents expect them to score better marks than others. Adequate rest is essential for every student in this cruel world of competitive education.

Summary:  Being successful takes hard work, dedication and rigid discipline. This article aims to highlight precisely what successful high school students do, which sets them apart from their regular counterparts.

Author Bio: Frank is a humanities teacher with a working experience of over ten years. He has been teaching in several schools across Australia. He is currently employed with

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