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To Boost fertility rate and increase sperm count – Home remedies for men

There are number of men who are suffering from less number of sperm count / rate during Sex time. Because of less number sperm count men are loosing their fertility rate day by day. Good sperm count is necessary for good fertility in men. Less number of sperms also affect men’s fertility. To a big number across the world, men are suffering by this problem but they are too shy to consult these kind of problems with doctors . According to British Nutritionist Izabela Obert, sperm quality is also play an important role as sperm quantity or count. If both quantity and quality of sperms are good, your future child will be healthy & will be safe & immune to many genetic disease. we are here to tell you some simple home remedies & diet which can help you in improving sperm count and you don’t need to go to doctor.

We are going to tell you few home remedies, which can not only improve your sperm count but also increase the size and shape of sperms. You no need to do anything special for that. Just include below things in your daily diet. After some time you can see a unbelievable difference in your sperm count and your fertility chances could improve also.

1- Dark chocolates

Dark chocolates are good source of L – Amino acid, which can improve your fertility and also can improve your sperm size and quality.

2- Eggs

A strong source of protein and vitamin E is egg. It can improve your sperm count and will also save you from free radicals.

3- Garlic

If you chew 2 to 4 pieces of garlic everyday ,it will increase the blood flow and seman volume in male organ.

4- Pomegranate and carrot juice

Include Pomegranate and carrot in you can take Pomegranate and carrot’s juice also.both will increase the sperm count and fertility also.

5- Walnut

Walnuts are good source of omega 3 acids.That is very helpful to increase the sperm shape and count.It is also helpful to maintain the blood flow in male organ.

Apart from above things, include green vegetables (like spinach plant) and sweet pumpkin seeds in your diet. These things will shape you sperm and increase the sperm count and quality.

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