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To celebrate their 15th anniversary, LM.C is going to release their complete music video collection called, “THE MUSIC VIDEOS ’06-’21” worldwide

The full version of the new music video ‘JUST LIKE THIS!!-2021-’ is going to be live streamed for the first time!

To commemorate their 15th anniversary, LM.C is going to release the music video collection “THE MUSIC VIDEOS ’06-’21” worldwide. The full version of the new music video ‘JUST LIKE THIS!!-2021-’ for the song ‘JUST LIKE THIS!!’ which was chosen to be No.1 in the fan voting is going to be shown for the first time ever on live streaming.

The live streaming will be happening on the night of Sunday the 14th of November (planned to be at 23:00 Japan time) .This is a great opportunity to watch the full version of the music video ‘JUST LIKE THIS!!-2021-’ with the members of LM.C together! Please do not miss this great occasion!!

Please watch the live streaming from here!

After the live streaming, the teaser trailers of all songs from “THE MUSIC VIDEOS ’06-’21” (including ‘JUST LIKE THIS!!-2021-’) and a short version of ‘JUST LIKE THIS!!-2021-’ with various subtitles (English, French, Spanish and Chinese) will be released on the LM.C official YouTube channel. Please enjoy watching them as well.

■■LM.C 15th Anniversary Complete Music Video Collection “THE MUSIC VIDEOS ’06-’21”

Release date: November 17, 2021(Wed)

■Blu-ray:[product number] SCXP-00105

Price:15,000 Yen(tax included) 13,636 Yen(tax not included)

■DVD:[product number] SCBP-00065

Price:11,000 Yen(tax included)10,000Yen(tax not included)

【For Overseas Customers】

Ponycanyon Shop will accept orders from overseas. Please check below.


LM.C made their major label debut in October 2006. This rock unit consists of guitarist Aiji and vocalist maya. LM.C was described as ‘the most up and coming J-ROCK Band’ from the European J-ROCK fans even though their music hadn’t been released in Europe at that time. And in July 2007 they were invited to perform at one of the biggest rock festivals called “2007 Formoz Festival” in Taiwan. They showed off their powerful performance to the audience. News about them was widely reported on Taiwanese media. They completed solo concerts in Korea and Taiwan and as a result they received great attention overseas.

The single ‘88’, which was released on the 4th of June 2008, was used as the opening theme song for the popular Japanese anime series “Katekyo Hitman REBORN!” The song ranked the third on the well-known Japanese weekly charts, “ORICON Weekly Chart” and 300,000 copies were sold in total.

In July 2008, LM.C performed as a guest on Anime Expo 2008 in Los Angeles in the United States and they later had a solo live concert in L.A. as well.

And they started their world tour in Santiago (Chile) on January 23, 2009. They completed 14 shows in 11 countries in South America, Europe and Asia.

In July 2009, they were invited to the annual event “JAPAN EXPO AWARDS 2009”, which is one of the biggest Japanese events in the world, in France. And their album “GIMMICAL☆IMPACT!!” received the BEST ALBUM award there!!

The band started their second Europe tour in Moscow, Russia on April 3rd, 2010. This time they performed a total of 12 shows in 8 countries including Finland, Sweden, Germany, Hungary, Austria, Italy and France. They went on the LM.C LIVE TOUR 2011 in Thailand on the 1st of May 2011 and LM.C LIVE TOUR 2011 in Hong Kong on the 3rd of June. On April 27th, 2012, they appeared at the culture event “Anime Central’ which was held in Chicago Illinois in the United States. After that they went on their world tour including South America, Europe and Asia in a total of 19 concerts in 16 countries. In March 2016, they performed for the fans in Taiwan at the concert called “LM.C TOUR 2016 – Go to the 10th Anniversary in Taiwan!!!!!!!!!!” after a 4 year interval. And on the 17th of July they joined the huge anime event in Sao Paulo, Brazil called “AnimeFriends!2016”. It has been 4 years since they were last in South America.

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