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To salute the Nursing staff of Healthcare at Home

different activities organized for them to mark the International Nurses Day

Jaipur, 14 May 2015: Ever imagined, how would this healthcare industry be without Nurses? A mere imagination would lead to a riot of thoughts and million visuals of people succumbing to diseases as simple as Pneumonia and viral fever.

People who have lost their near and dear ones for want of proper healthcare assistance best understand the need of the Nurses. Besides, those who have been saved from certain fatal conditions also very well know their worth. Healthcare industry cannot do without them. An indispensible part, nurses touch our lives in many ‘good’ ways.

“International Nurses Day was the best way to salute the brave heart that takes care of their patient first than family. Nursing staff are the back bone of healthcare industry and home healthcare services can’t run without them. HCAH realized the commitment of nursing staff and celebrated the day in different way. The smile on the nurses after the celebration was the prize money for us.” Says, Mr Vivek Srivastava, CEO, HCAH

To make the day different the HCAH nursing team donated food items at Mother Theresa Charity Home. Those nurses who were on duty were given tokens by the patient’s family.

“Since our inception in Jaipur we have created a team of dedicated nurses who give their half life to the patient. They just not take care of the patient but also support the family in mental grasping of the situation. It is the nurses who encounter the emergency first and it’s our duty to salute them on occasions like this.”Says, Mr Abhishek Malik, HCAH, Jaipur Unit Head.

As doctors are meant to cure patients, nurses are the helping hands to the team, which are equally important to be taken care of. Nurses can well do those tasks, letting the doctors have more time to work on more serious patients.

“I am grateful that I am part of such a great nursing team who always smiles and deliver the patient care satisfaction. When we came up with the idea of celebrating the Nurses day, I felt grateful to the HCAH team. Most of the time the nursing staff are ignored but at HCAH we are given the prime role and command over the situation. The joy is doubled when we felt special”, Said, Ms Beena Paul, Head Nursing Staff, Healthcare at Home, Jaipur.

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