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Toils of setting up a home gym

Ascertain your fitness regime—Getting started!

Asked in a general survey as to how many days of toil does it take to set up a gym and what all are the necessary fitness equipment that must find place there. One answer was worth mentioning, “It took me 5 long years to work out on a variety of gyms. I love every bit of it, having a home gym is motivating and gives an easy access to fitness.” Better than any affluent gym memberships that are barely used, home gym is totally a thumps up. It helps you ensure fitness in the comfort of your home without paying those extra bucks. Read on to get a lowdown on what kind of machines must top your list while setting up a home gym.

  1. The Treadmill

Treadmill helps burning most of the calories than any other cardiovascular machine. Alexander, a gym trainer affirms that a good workout on treadmill can burn up to 100 calories per mile. Moreover, the equipment can be adjusted to different levels pertaining to accelerating the speed or adjusting the incline. 

  1. Stair Steppers

Elliptical machines can be a good alternative to treadmills in case you require putting less pressure on your joints. Since you are working out in a standing position all your mass muscles are in use and rate of burning calories are pretty high. Alexander agrees that elliptical machines coupled with an arm component can help burning more calories.

  1. Stationary bikes

Experts agree to the fact that stationary bikes offer less impact workout. It is ideal for aged or the ones who can not exert much pressure on joints. People having a regular complain about knee pain can choose these bikes as a must-have in their home gyms.

Alexander further says, ‘in order to ensure that the workout does not affect your knees, make sure the machine is adjusted as per your body type’. It is generally observed that 8 out of 10 people fail to derive benefits out of stationary bikes due to inappropriate adjustment.

Make sure when you sit, the ball of your foot on the pedal and there is about 5 to 10 degrees bend in your knee. Sitting too low as you pedal can put pressure on your knee resulting in its soreness.

  1. Cable crossover

These are large piece of equipment. Difficult to install at home gyms, cable crossovers require pulleys, cables etc for installments. The machine has attached pulleys, standing rows, biceps curl and triceps pull-downs. The core workout on cable crossovers requires sitting on the stability ball maintaining the balance and rest can be done while standing.

  1. Weight machines

It allows you to strengthen one muscle specifically at a time. These are the most effective while body-building and muscle enhancing. An effective workout on them can completely eliminate the need to use steroids or any other health supplements. Weight machines help keeping a check on the motion range as it does not allow much of the free movement. The machine targets major muscle groups, shoulders, chest, abdominals, lower and upper back, biceps and triceps. 

These are the top home gym equipment that must find a place at your home to ensure a wholesome workout session.



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