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Tokyo police among the most honest; returns over $24 million cash to rightful owners

Every year, thousands of lost and found items reach the police department in Tokyo, Japan. What makes this noteworthy is that the honest police of Tokyo ensure that most of these items reach their rightful owners. The list of lost and found items that come to Tokyo police also includes loads of cash, worth millions of dollars. Last year alone, cash worth ¥3.67 billion ($32 million) was handed over to Tokyo police by people who had found it. Of the $32 million lost cash deposited with Tokyo police, around three quarters of that has been given back to the rightful owners.

It also says a lot about the honesty of people in Japan, who return cash that they find rather than keep it with themselves. Such honesty can only be possible when its people are financially strong, something that requires a strong economy, as Japan has. Experts say that the honesty of people in Japan is also due to its culture and education, which lay emphasis on honesty. Japanese schools actually train students to imagine the feelings of people who may have lost cash or any other item.

Another factor may be the rewards policy in Japan, wherein anyone who finds lost money and deposits with the police can claim rewards between 5-20 percent. Moreover, if the rightful owner is not found within 3 months, the person who deposited the money with the police can claim the entire amount.

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