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Too Many Designs Of Blouses On Your Mind?

Here Are The Top Trending Ones For You!

If there is something that gives a perfect look to a woman while always being in-style is a crisp saree with perfectly cut blouse. A trend in fashion dating as far back as the 1800 BC, the sarees and blouses have been a significant part of the Indian tradition regardless of the occasion. While fashion moved a bit slower back in the days, today things have become accessible with everything going online. You can easily scroll through the latest collection of blouses online and pick what suits your attire for the day.

So, here are the best fashion trends for the year 2019 you can hunt online and look fabulous.

1-Traditional Round & Square Neck:

This was probably the very first neckline used along with the sarees, and it continues to be. These blouse styles are still trendy among the women who love to keep it stylish yet classy at the same time. Make sure you drape your saree accordingly to enhance the beautiful design of your blouses. If you have been struggling with draping a saree, click here to know some quick tips and techniques.

2-Rectangular & Oval Neck:

If you tend to struggle with height issues, the rectangular & oval neck blouses will suit you the best. However, with this particular blouse variant, you should always keep the saree as simple as possible.

3-The 3/4th Sleeves:

Nothing defines a class like the amazing 3/4th sleeve blouses. Regardless of your body type, this particular blouse variant looks excellent with any kind of saree. You can pair the 3/4th sleeves with the simple square-shaped neckline or go for a spicy plunging neckline or back.

4-Chinese Collar Blouse:

Brought into fashion by the legendary Bollywood actress Rekha, the blouses with Chinese collar are great for women that flaunt a long neck. It further accentuates the neckline and makes your saree look utterly gorgeous. So, if you have plans to try out the Chinese Collar, here are some elegant looks that you can flaunt.

5-High Neck Blouse:

Again, this goes great for women that want to flaunt their long neck. If you have plans to wear such high neck blouses, make sure you add some gorgeous embellishments close to the neckline to add a sense of oomph to the entire outfit. Go with a light coloured saree or net saree to look fabulous at the party.

6-Ties and Knots:

With its rising popularity seen in the Indian Television industry and also the Bollywood industry, blouses with ties and knots have risen the ranks to be the top choice among young Indian divas. The back knot or back ties as a unique element with a low back add character to the overall getup.

7-Mirror and Stone Work:

If you are looking for some bling in your traditional outfit, you can never go wrong with a blouse crafted with mirror or stonework. This goes great if your saree is plain and simple with no artistic work crafted over the same. Blouses with mirror or stonework definitely add a subtle yet noticeable bling to your overall outfit.

So, these are a few blouse designs which I think can be opted for anyone who aims at making a unique style statement. Also, do let us know which one did you liked the most.

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