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Tools Used by Plumbing Experts to Unclog Blocked Drains

Clogs in drains are the kinds of stuff of nightmares for homeowners, and many of them wonder at the ease and dexterity with which professional plumbers fix the issue. These are trained and expert professionals with a lot of experience, but that is not everything needed to resolve such problems.

Tool used to unclog blocked drains:

These professionals have all the right equipment that can help them clean up drains and remove blockages more easily. Know about some of the major equipment used by them for opening up blocked drains.


This is the most basic as well as traditional drainage tool. It is useful for bath drains and sinks and toilets and stands as extremely versatile equipment. The T-handle rubber plunger is a longer variety and is perfect for clearing up smaller-sized blocked drains.

Force Pump:

The use of a professional force, pump can be useful for tougher blockages and forces air into drains with the help of a pump-action handle. Thus, it helps take care of bigger blockages.


It is a semi-rigid cable and can easily remove things that block the pipes. A Rodder is often introduced into pipes to push out any contaminant. When the rod is taken out, the blockage-causing agent is removed as well. It is possible to find rodders in various forms. The tape rod is one, which is the simplest of all rods used for blocked drains. It has a ball or plug on the end and is coiled in shape.

Grappler hook:

This can be very useful for removing solid debris from the sewer or drain. It can obviously manage to clean drains and help in dealing with:

  • Rocks
  • Cans
  • Bottles
  • Pieces of cloth


It has been designed for cleaning up blocked drains outside buildings and homes close to gardens. These drains get blocked by plant roots, particularly of those plants that can grow in water. Roots can be cut into small-sized pieces with the help of a rooter, and then wastewater can wash these pieces away.

Sectional Drain Cleaners:

It serves as an effective tool for unblocking and cleaning large-sized blocked drains. Such kinds of machines have a line that can be up to 250mm in length. These also have a motor that can supply sufficient torque to break through the most severe obstructions.

Electric Snake:

It can be very effective in cleaning up pipes that are very long. More time can be needed for cleaning up a drain that is blocked severely. However, it is important to use an Electric Snake with a lot of caution. If the equipment is thrashed around inside for more time, it can cause damage to the interior sections of the pipes.

 Drill-style drain cleaner:

It consists of a motorized steel cable, which is inserted into the pipe and down the drain. It is important to hold the tool with caution while using it, given that it might lash and become impossible to manage otherwise.

Jet-Style Cleaner:

This makes use of high pressure for pumping water down the drain. All the blockages from the drain are flushed down by the water, which can ensure a clean drain. There is a very strong nozzle at its end, which can bear water pressure. This is a very effective piece of equipment for cleaning blocked drains up, and with its use, very little time is required to complete the task.


There are various advanced tools and equipment for blocked drains that you can use to remove the unwanted buildup in your drain. You should contact the plumbing experts for your blocked drains.We believe this detailed guide has helped you know information about your questions about the drain cleaning tools.

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