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Top 10 changes brought to Indian Railways in the past decade

Indian Railways has always talked about change and innovation for its passengers. In an effort to obliterate the basic conception of Indian Railway system being mismanaged, this national carrier now aims for it to be greener, cleaner, and most of all passenger-centric. The IRCTC and Railways have always held pride over the facilities they provide to the passengers with an effort to implement the same pan-India.

So here are the 10 best ways, Indian Railways has brought a change to the system for better.

1-CNG Train:

With autorickshaws, buses,and other vehicles going in for a greener fuel substitute, the Indian Railway system didn’t want to lag behind. This milestone was achieved by the country with its very first CNG-based train that was launched for Rewari-Rohtak area of the Northern Zone. Introduction of the CNG train shall aid in reduction of greenhouse gases. Railways have managed to modify its 1400 HP engine for ease of operation on both Diesel and CNG with use of fumigation technology.

2-Deen Dayalu Coaches:

In order to improve the travel quality for the general class travelers, Indian Railways rolled out first of its kind modern coaches for the unreserved section. Termed as “Deen Dayalu”, the coaches come with potable form of drinking water, bio-toilets, charging point for mobiles, and similar changes that can be found in express and mail trains. Apart from a system for water filtration, the coach comes with cushioned racks for luggage and coat hooks too.

3-Executive Lounges:

SSP Catering India, in collaboration with IRCTC have set up 5-star waiting lounge meant for passengers at the NDLS. These executive lounges offer comfort and luxury at very reasonable prices. Executive Lounges by IRCTC come with tie-ups established with renowned names such as Leela Palace as well as similar hotels, and popular sites for travel bookings. People waiting for the arrival of a train can book these lounges by logging into IRCTC’s official website.

4-Gatiman Express:

Initiating a whole new era comprised of the semi-high speed locomotives in India, Suresh Prabhu flagged the train that has been designed to cover a distance of 200km within 100 minutes. This train is set for a course between Delhi to Agra. Packed with a powerful 5500 HP electric engine, 8 AC Chair Car type coaches, 2 Executive AC Chair Cars, and a great emergency brake system, this train is the first entry of Indian Railways to a world of fast travelling feasibility.

5-Private Catering in Trains:

For long, the travelers in Indian trains have been complaining of the poor quality food available by the government caterers. However, things have been changing for better. New startups such as TravelKhana have taken up the mantel to ensure that the travelers get food that suits their taste buds as well as health. TravelKhana serves as a marketplace allowing railways passengers to purchase meals that they like from an array of restaurants located at various stops of the train they are traveling in.

6-Introduction of Talgo:

Although delayed as of now, in terms of launch, the Indian Railways tested out Talgo successfully for introduction to the current system. India’s railway ministry has shown interest in the deployment of these trains for short-distances. As of now, the train deployment has been delayed pending a process for tender. These energy-conscious trains consume about 30% less energy. It comes with 2 executive coaches, 4 Chair Cars, Cafeteria, Power Car, as well as Tail-End Coach with needed equipments.

7-Operation 5 Minutes:

This particular operation initiated by the Indian Railways at various stations can help bring down maximum time required for purchasing a ticket over at the railway counters. The railways ministry has brought down the maximum time for ticket booking to mere 5 minutes. This time-bound service has been mandated for almost all zones.

8-Project Nilgiri:

Indian Railways paired up with Google to come up with the amazing move named Project Nilgiri. This particular project is aimed towards setting up high-speed Wi-Fi hotspots for more than 400 railway junctions all over India. The passengers can avail this facility without any charges after opting for verification of mobile number via OTP sent to the cellphone via SMS facility.

9-Bio Toilets:

Stepping up its efforts to create a better environment, Indian railways has pitched in a target for installation of the Bio-Toilets for all the coaches available in its entire train network by the year 2019. This is to ensure a zero discharge based zone throughout the extent of Indian Railways. The railway ministry has also pitched in a target for increasing use of the Bio-Diesel by 5 percent of total consumption of diesel. The ministry also aims to use cleaner and recyclable fuel such as solar or wind energy for reduction of any emission.

10-Lower Berths for Women and Senior Citizens:

Indian Railways recently introduced a change in system for booking tickets. The elderly and solo female travelers can easily book a ticket for lower berths via the online ticketing system. The official page by IRCTC allows women above 45 and elderly people to apply for this quota. Earlier, this facility was only reserved for pregnant women but now, it has been extended for these additional categories.

Railway Ministry has always been super-enthusiastic when it comes to acting on the feedback provided by its passengers. Since Suresh Prabhu started replying and providing quick services to queries and issues via Twitter, the game has completely changed for Indian Railway and its passengers. Apart from these major achievements by Indian Railways for the decade, there are many minute changes brought along to set better bar for the travelers. Add-ons such as Change of Boarding Station, Railway Debit Card, CCTV cameras inside train, Softer-Cleaner Linen, vending machines for food, Women safety button, POS machines, and many more have dispatched a great experience for the passengers. So, whether it is passenger’s safety or improvement of food quality, Railways in India have been modified for complete passenger satisfaction. So, if you are planning on booking tickets to any place in India, get ready for some new surprises.

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