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Top 10 Most ofthe Unusual Vacation Spots


We are in the middle of that time of year where people and families go on holiday together or alone, and most people tend to head to a warm and sunny destination. While most people plan a luxury vacation, most people do not consider many places that could be the perfect unusual vacation spots for the whole family. This year, or perhaps next year, taking a trip to an unusual place could be the perfect place.

10 of the most unusual vacation spots here:


The Amazon is known to be the home of the rainforest, which is becoming extinct, unfortunately. Forests are being cut down by corporations, which means that several species of flora and fauna are becoming extinct. A trip here could mean that you are witnessing the final year of an animal species.


Antarctica is the southernmost continent in the world, and is known to be incredibly chilling and impressive at the same time. The frozen nature of the whole country makes it a bit difficult, but it’s worth spending the holidays.


Malta is known as the smallest European nations in the worlds. The National Museum of Fine Arts is absolutely a place that tourists should visit, as it exhibits beautiful works of art from the beginning of the Renaissance to modern times.


Transylvania, the home of Dracula and vampires, is a legendary country and is home to some truly beautiful places. The country is known for being highly academic, industrialand cultural, all of which are diverse.

South Korea:

South Korea gets a bad reputation because of its brothers from the North, North Korea. A part of the country is considered no man’s land, but you can still visit the tunnels built by the North Korean troops during the war.


Tangier, Morocco, may not seem unusual to most people, but many tourists tend to overlook the city. It has a past of color, since it was almost lawless for quite some time, but numerous historical writers made a trip here and spent much of their writing time in the city.


Mongolia is mostly arid and steppe, but the northern mountains are probably some of the most beautiful you can find anywhere in the world. The Gobi Desert is also worth a visit, especially for those who enjoy riding camels, four-wheel vehicles or exploring the warmest regions of the world.


Tibet has recently become a much more popular destination for tourists, especially since the local communist government in China has been promoting a lot. The country has a long and problematic history, but it’s worth the trip right now.

Papua New Guinea:

Papua New Guinea is definitely not on the minds of most people when it’s time to vacation. The western part of the island is picturesque, and most people will come home with some really beautiful photographs and memories.


Siberia is another frozen wasteland that most people take for granted. Fortunately, there is much to do, especially in St. Petersburg, where reindeer herders offer tours in the valley near the Kotuy River.

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