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Top 10 Places to Visit in Paris

France is considered to be the cultural capital of the world and Paris being the capital city is promoted as a fashion capital. This wonderful city has plenty of things to do and there are places that will make you to visit the place again. For some it is among the coolest places in the world to visit. Its lifestyle, culture and history do fascinate tourists from all over the world to come here. There are modern buildings standing together with heritage sites that are centuries old and stands test of time. To get most of the trip, you need to choose the best hotels in Paris that will allow you to move around without any worry.

  1. Eiffel Tower: This tower is considered to be the main landmark of the city and the country. It was in 1889 that it got erected and is presently the city’s official symbol. It shares an interesting history, since it has innovative design, something much different from what architecture was being practiced in those days. It was rather a temporary structure created to last just for 20 years or so. It was created to celebrate the centennial year of the French Revolution at Champs de Mars during Exposition Universelle. Purpose for its design is to show other nations about its industrial abilities and power. You need to check out the Iron Lady. You also have the opportunity to climb to the tower top, from where you can have a majestic skyline city view from a height of 300m. Those afraid of height can have picnic on Champs de Mars, viewing the majestic tower at close quarters. On evenings, the Eiffel Tower is beautifully lighted up.
  2. Musee d’Orsay: This museum is located on Paris River’s left banks. It has collections like western sculpture and paintings during 1848 – 1914. There are painting collections of few popular artists like Degas, Monet and Van Gogh. In 1898, Orsay Museum was originally built to act as a train station and then in 1986 got converted to museum. If impressionism art movement excites you, then you are likely to fall in love with this museum where you can explore the exhibits conveniently.
  3. Louvre Museum: It is among the world’s biggest museums and also the largest Parisian museum. This museum is built in the city centre. There a royal palace which was once in use on the city’s right bank. It can be found in Axe historique also called Voie Triomphale. It stands for ‘triumphal way’ and is a range of monuments. This museum has been aligned with the city’s other popular landmarks, like Arc de Triomphe and Concorde Square. There are guided tours conducted that can provide more information about this museum as well as its history.
  4. Notre Dame Cathedral: Notre Dame is located in City Island. For every Parisian April 2019’s dramatic fire was a real disaster. However still, you will be able to experience the cathedral’s magic as you come closer. This cathedral is regarded to be among the country’s outstanding cathedrals constructed. This is because of the usage of Gothic architecture.
  5. Tuileries Garden: Before deriving details about the garden, it is necessary to find out information on Tuileries Palace. This palace was constructed by Queen Catherine de Medicis and is located adjacent to Louvre Palace. Since she resided here, she desired to have a splendid looking garden, where she can spend hours with nature. many kings even made this palace their home like Louis XIV, Henri IV & Louis XVI. Although the palace got burnt down in 1871, Tuileries Garden still remains. This garden has been designed by Andre Le Noitre, a well-known landscape architect. He is also the designer of the garden at Palace of Versailles.
  6. Palais Garnier: There was held a competition in 1860 to construct a new opera to replace the then existing Opera Le Peletier. It was at the latter place, where Emperor Napoleon II had been attacked two years before. The plan was to construct the new opera at any big street, where attacks can be reduced significantly. The contest was won by architect Charles Garnier, whose project was accepted and approved. This palace is an important landmark of Paris. Its details, marble, gold and precious fabrics used to decorate the stairs, theatre and façade are beautiful. March Chagal had decorated its dome.
  7. Sacre-Coeur Basilica: This majestic church is located at Montmartre hilltop and offers amazing views of the city. You are sure to love this church, where worship and art is blended beautifully. Availing a guided tour to provide information on Montmarte’s hidden gems, its windmills and narrow valleys.
  8. Arc de Triomphe: This structure stands gloriously at Champs Elysees Avenue beginning. It was Napoleon who had ordered its construction, but unfortunately, could not see it in finished condition. It was during King Louis Philippe’s reign that this structure got completed in 1836. It was to celebrate both Revolutionary and Imperial armies and is a popular national icon to accompany celebrations of the entire country like Bastille Day, as well as national football team’s victories.
  9. The Marais: Located in 3rd & 4th arrondissements, it is a popular Parisian neighbourhood. In English language, Marais stands for swamp. It derives its name due to its geographic location. This once was Seine river’s arm and the area was quite swampy. However, things changed with time and presently it is among the trendiest neighbourhoods. Historically, it is the city’s Jewish Quarter where people of this faith have still kept alive their culture. At Marais bakeries, do try out traditional Jewish food or falafels at l’As du Falafel. For LGBTQ+ scenes and arts, Marais is known to have become a well-known centre. During day, you can go out for museum shopping and at night, enjoy going outside.
  10. Crazy Horse: In Paris, it is a favourite cabaret and quite intimate when compared to others. Shows held here are choreographed meticulously by talented female dancers.

So, the above places should make the top of the list of itineraries to visit when in Paris city.

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