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Top 10 Spicy Indian Street Foods of all times

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Are you craving for some amazing Indian foods? Planning what to have next? If you are a great foodie, then this is the right place for you. Read the article below to know more about exciting Indian Street Foods!

India is famous for its numerous street food options. Street food in India is not only amazing but also highly cheaper than other countries. People from all around the world visit India to experience the amazing food available in here. The imagery of street foods has changed completely. Previously only a few types of street foods were available in India. However, today due to this experimentation and high demand of the youth, various variations and innovations have occurred in India Street Food. They are almost available in every part of the country.

Let’s see the variations!

Types of Pani Puris and Chaats

Following are the types of Pani Puris that are available in every part of the country.

  1. Tamarind chutney Pani Puri
  2. Sev Puri
  3. Dahi Puri
  4. Special Gupchup
  5. Normal spicy water Pani Puri
  6. Papri Chaat
  7. Alu Tikki chaat
  8. Samosa Chaat
  9. Batata Puri
  10. Bhel Puri

Picture Source: Shakahari Rasoi

How the Pani Puri varies from one state to other?

As India is a democratic country with different languages, cultures, and states, here the same Pani Puri has different names in different State. Phuchka, Gol Gappa, Pani Puri, Paani Ke Patashe, Pakodi, Gup Chup, Fulki, and Patashi are different names of the same food.

It is one of the cheapest street foods in India, a food that is filled with a bomb of spicy surprises!  Picture


If you are searching for some yummy chaat and Gol Gappa corner, it is recommended to have them from small local vendors. You can get the same food at malls and big chaat corners, but there, not only the price is high, but also it will not taste as good as the local ones.

One problem with the chaat corners in India are most of them does not provide healthy food. So whenever you visit a Gol Gappa or chaat corner ask the vendor to use gloves.

Chaats you should definitely try!

Among the above list, the Pani Puri Chaat and Samosa chaat are a must try! You cannot just miss the yummy sweet and sour and crispy chaats.

The Pani Puri chaat is the upgrade version of the normal Gol Gappa. Here the round crispy ball is filled with chickpeas, spicy chutneys, yogurt, potato stuffing and are decorated with chopped coriander, chopped onions and seasoned with chaat masala. Together the whole thing is a bomb blast of spice mixture in your mouth.

The Samosa Chaat is almost the same thing, but it is done with mashed samosa and chickpea curry. This has a different texture and is one of the best and cheap Indian Street Food which you should definitely try.


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