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Top 10 Tips For Proposing During Quarantine


The COVID-19 outbreak has created havoc, but at some point life must go on. People must not let this situation affect too much of their personal lives. It is obvious that people are eager to meet again, women wish to wear their favourite diamond beads necklace to a party, and children want to play in the streets again. Unfortunately, there are still many people under quarantine around the world. 

A wide number of men might wonder how it is possible to propose during such unprecedented times. The truth is, it is possible and just takes extra planning and creativity.

For all the guys out there who are struggling to make the connection, here are 10 tips to propose during quarantine.

Is she ready?

The worst part of proposing is getting rejected because she is not ready for marriage. Marriage is no walk in the park and maturity and compromise is required from both parties. Before even thinking about proposing, you should know if this is something you both want and not just a one-sided thing. A mistimed proposal will only end up with a refusal and wasted money.

Father’s blessing

No father thinks any man is good enough for his daughter. This is why you will have to constantly make a good impression to prove him wrong. Traditionally, a groom must ask his girlfriend’s father to grant him his blessing to marry her. It is a daunting task but one that must be done, nonetheless. Once you officially have his blessing you can continue your planning without any chances of family drama, maybe your future in-laws will even help you. 

Consider every detail 

This tip is very important as it decides whether the entire plan works out or not. Planning is crucial and could be the difference between a no and a yes as an answer. By now assuming you have the parents blessing, ideas about the ring and actual proposal though be swirling around in your mind. Don’t overthink It! Some ideas would help. 

Getting a ring

The most difficult part of a proposal is choosing an engagement ring. Which is why we strongly suggest you do not do this alone. You can take a family member or a friend, someone who knows your girlfriend very well. Buying a ring is an expensive task which is why we advise saving up for this day. Read a few diamond ring buying guides to assure you know what to expect and how to pick the right ring for your budget. You should lay emphasis on the diamond itself, this is the highlight of the ring. Give her something that she can boast about to friends and family.

What to say?

While popping the question, you will probably need a speech as well. This speech might carry weight and influence her final decision, so think clearly and write from the heart. Your fiance to be (fingers crossed) will really appreciate you spilling your heart out for her. Take time on this point since it will really mean a lot to her. Some men find this very difficult, the secret is to think from your heart and the words will flow.

Timing is important 

Another crucial part of planning is timing. Everyone and everything has to be in the right place at the right time. Have an idea of where the special location will be, keep in mind whether it should be private or public. Be sensitive to what would be a better option. 

Keep yourself open to different changes that could affect your brilliant master plan. The best thing is to improvise when things do not go as planned. Try to have a plan B and a plan C as many things could go wrong at any point of time. 

Set the scene

Perhaps a romantic dinner is the best time to ask her, or maybe a low key day at home. No one but you will know what will make her happy or surprise her. Think long and hard about what scene you want to create. This story about how you proposed will be around for even your grandchildren to hear. Make sure it is a memorable story.

Planning the perfect (almost perfect) engagement is a huge ask. Make sure you have some help from reliable people. Friends and family is not enough, you may have to ask for a favour! 

Invite guests, virtually

Of course, due to the current Coronavirus outbreak it will be difficult to let your loved ones be part of this special occasion. You do not have to let this set you both back. Thanks to technology, everyone can be part of the proposal. 

You can set up cameras and choose to make it a recorded video that will be shared with loved ones. Or you can make it a live streamed event where everyone can watch it while it happens. It is times like these that make it even more important to have support from family.

Stay safe

During this process it is important to acknowledge the risks and safety comes first. As you start from the very first tip on this list, make sure you take the required precautions and wear a mask and gloves wherever you go. This protects not only you, but the people around you as well.  The last thing you need is to catch COVID. This would end up ruining your proposal and risking your life! 

Plan your future

After she says yes, you and your fiance can start planning your lives together. Actually, you will be planning a wedding before that, hopefully! Most people will skip the lavish wedding and wait till conditions are more favourable. 

But this is not stopping some people from having small weddings that abide by the restrictions. Either way, it is a decision that the two of you can discuss and come to a conclusion about.

We hope these tips help you plan the perfect proposal and we hope she says ‘yes’. 


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