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Top 4 benefits of Ayurvedic steam chamber treatment

By Dr. Sushma Tiwary at

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Steam therapy or swedana is a traditional treatment option that has been in use since the ancient times. Turkish baths, Finnish saunas, and Japanese steam based room are the best examples of traditional treatment methodologies. However, this art stems from the roots of Indian culture. Swedana loosely translates to the treatment option that requires one to sweat out the toxins from the body. This helps one establish proper body hormone balance with the promotion of general well being.

What are the therapeutic benefits of the Ayurvedic steam chamber?

1-Toxin removal:

Use of steam chamber based treatment option involves the patient to get inside a closed chamber that is blasted with puffs of steams on regular basis paired with aromatic and healing essential oils. Additionally, the steam is also mixed with Ayurvedic herbal oil. When you sweat, all the toxins present inside the body flow out while the healing herbal oils seep inside your pores to cater a rejuvenating experience.

2-Improved Blood Circulation:

The prime purpose of a steam chamber for Ayurvedic treatment is to even out the body temperature throughout to ensure that the blood flows in a proper pattern to each and every corner of the body from tip to toe. This eventually results in dilation of veins that carry blood which eventually supplies a better amount of oxygen to different parts of the body.

3-Glowing Skin:

If you have ever been to a beauty parlor, the facial procedure is always followed by steaming of the face that opens up the pores and allows the treatment to seep in. The same happens with the Ayurvedic steam chamber. The steam paired with herbal oil essence enters your skin through the pores enriching it with beneficial nutrients. This effectively slows down your aging process while washing out any possibility of acne development.

4-Weight Reduction:

You might not accept it but the truth is half of your diseases stem from being over-weight. Maintaining a healthy weight is the key to a better lifestyle. Opting for Ayurvedic steam chamber can be a pretty beneficial experience if you are looking forward to shedding that extra weight. Sweating thins out your fat tissues inside the body which eventually aids in weight reduction.

The Ayurvedic steam chamber is truly a rejuvenating and enjoyable experience for any individual who has been ailing with several health issues. The steam decked with herbal ingredients help you relax and be stress-free while the steam helps you feel lighter and away from the daily tension of life.

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