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Top 4 Photography Equipments That are a Must-have

Every photographer is aware of how expensive the profession is. However, the beginners remain confused between which equipment is necessary and which are not. Many people will advice you to buy all fancy equipments to become an excellent photographer, which is not always the real case.Buying all the fancy equipment is only going to increase the expenditure and nothing more. We’re sure you wouldn’t want to buy something expensive that you will find useless later. To break your confusion, we’ve put together top 4 photography equipment that is a must-have.

  1. Digitek Professional LedRing Light 18”

Photographer and videographers have been struggling with the challenge of creating perfect pictures or videos. Since ages Digitek has been offering highly convenient, innovative, and cost-effective gadgets. This LedRing comprises of 240 LED bulbs with the rotation angle of 360 degree which makes finding the perfect light easier. The gadget can emit soft light and creates almost a shadowless effect which is perfect for a portrait. To firmly fix the phone over the ring, it is especially LED SMD designed. The DRL-18 button comes with colour temperature, intensity control and a power button which makes operating the system easier.

  1. Digitek Battery For Canon NB-6L

The 1000 Mah, lithium Ion batteries are designed especially for Canon camera. It has been designed with a leak-proof structure that ensures 100 per cent compatibility with other devices. Batteries from Digitek offer a stable and safe energy solution that is environment-friendly as well. For manufacturing defect, the product offers 3 months warranty. As compared to other chargers, the charger from Digitek enables quick charging. In order to provide you with longer battery life, each cell consists of Safety vent that reseals itself. Customers have highly recommended this particular battery as there’s no heating issue associated with it.

  1. Aluminium Alloy Splicing Slider DSR-150 STD

Its sleek design makes it an important addition to the collection of equipment. One of the best features is its size, weighing only 8 kg it becomes easy to carry while travelling. The adjustable feet make it suitable for people intending to take perfect ground shots. As the name suggests, it is made up of materials of aluminium alloy. With this equipment, you can increase the value of your picture/video and cinematic quality as a whole, as it enables push-ins and tracking shots. You get the shot you’ve thought of, no more compromises. Plus, you can easily alter devices as it’s embedded with 3/8 and ¼ screws.

  1. Digitek LED-D416 Professional Video Light

In this generation, photographers are constantly competing with each other. Everyone wants to take creative and professional-looking videos and pictures. Digitek features a LED-416 video light having unique features and design. The dual colour temperature lets you set orange and white light separately. As it’s embedded with High-End LED Display, it provides better quality while shooting outdoor and indoor. This gadget is incorporated with NP-750 and micro charging medium. Its swivel system lets you place the LED light at the top of the camera for stylish shots.


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