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Top 5 Adventurous Activities to do in Agra


Agra, the city of the Taj Mahal, offers a lot of advantage too. My family was busy into visiting the ancient forts, palaces and buildings; whereas I was into adventurous outdoor activities on same day Agra tour by car.  It was complete fun over there. I did many activities which are worth cherishing and enjoying again and again. I did balloon ride, river rafting, boat tours, off road tours, carriage ours, etc. It was awesome, I made some friends also.

Balloon Rides

When we sit in the balloon, believe me it looks pretty simple; but when we are taken higher and higher we do feel some giddiness. I also started feeling little uncomfortable. However, all was well later on. It was all cool and I was fine. Then I started enjoying the ride. It was the feeling of king when I was moving higher. Initially I felt like I was on imbalance then later I was feeling okay.

River Rafting

The next was river rafting. It is a highly adventurous sport. It teaches teamwork also. Raft is any flat surface capable of support over water. This involves inflated raft. When many people sit on it and they have to support each other it creates a spirit of teamwork and this happens with strangers. This is commendable. I enjoyed it a lot. I made good friends. The water is so uneven and it makes us balance on such water waves. It develops bravery in us.

Horse-Drawn Carriage Tours

This was not much adventurous but I used it just for an experience and to travel from one place to another. It was very slow so I enjoyed it for some time and then I reached my destination.

Boat Tour

Boat tour was one more ideal sport for me. It is often less than a day. There are cabins for accommodation. This was not exactly adventurous but being surrounded by waters is a unique feeling in itself. It was serene but still it was fun for me because I needed it. I had lunch and then I went on Boat Tour so as we know we should not be very active immediately after having lunch.

Parasailing and Paragliding

Then was the time to go for parasailing or paragliding. Paragliding is a flying sport with a paraglide and it is foot launched. So, as I had done balloon ride I was more interested in parasailing. Parasailing is in more speed. A parasailer is attached to a boat and there is a parachute. When the boat moves we fly with high speed in the sky. There was boat on the floor which was dragging me and the parachute which was in the sky to keep me high in the sky. It was an unforgettable experience!

Off Road Tours

There are off road tours in Agra too. Off road tours are driving or being in the vehicles on the not built road. These roads are in the areas which are not developed and it needs brain and brail power both to cross such paths.

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