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Top 5 Biggest Ferris Wheels in the World to have fun

The Ferris wheel or popularly known as “Pleasure Wheels,” is believed to be invented in Bulgaria during the 17th century. They are scary, fun, and even romantic and is considered to be the best way to enjoy the view of a city from above. Whether you’re looking for some adventure or simply want to admire the view from above, Ferris wheel provides thrills with incredible sights for everyone. In this guide, we’ve compiled the biggest Ferris wheels locatedaround the globe.

  1. High Roller

This featured attraction was inaugurated in 2014, possessing the capacity of taking up to 40 passengers at a time. It stands at Las Vegas with a height of 550 ft. For the visitors, drinks are available at the base which can be enjoyed along with the ride. The wheel provides cabins having bars with a bartender. Currently, the High Roller acquires the first position in the list of biggest Ferris wheels available in the world.

  1. Singapore Flyer

With every turn, the Singapore Flyer provides a thrilling experience. Inaugurated in the year 2008, the Ferris wheel has a height of 541 feet. Before the High Roller came into existence, the Singapore Flyer was the tallest in the world. However, now it’s in the second position. It has 28 capsules and every capsule seems like a mini-bus with the capacity of holding a single passenger. You can even enjoy the views of Indonesia and Malaysia while enjoying the ride.

  1. Star of Nanchang

The Star of Nanchang was inaugurated in the year 2006 and is located at the Amusement Park, Nanchang, China. The wheel consists of 60 cabins and can easily accommodate 8 passengers. At night, the wheel puts upan amazing view with numerous lighting displays. Being one of the major landmarks at Nanchang, the Ferris wheel stands as high as 525 feet or 160 m.

  1. London Eye

This Ferris wheel was named after the place it’s situated in. The attraction came into existence in the year 2000 and is situated alongside the River Thames. The eye has 32 capsules and each of them can carry 25 passengers. The rotation lasts for about 30 min and stands as high as 443 feet from the ground. Being one of the most visited attractions of London, it welcomes tourists more than the Temple of Artemis or the Taj Mahal does. The operation team, Merlin Entertainments also offers combo tickets to pay a visit to other attractions of London.

  1. Melbourne Star

What makes this Ferris wheel special, is the fact that it’s shaped like a seven-pointed star, signifying the flag of Australia. It provides a thrilling ride and knowledge at the same time. Now the question arises how? If the tourists pay attention to the audio recording that’s playing inside the cabin, they will get to know about the Melbourne city. Within 30 minutes, it provides a 360-degree view of Docklands, the Philip Bay and the business district. With a height of 394 feet, the Melbourne star claims to be the largest observation wheel of  Southern Hemisphere.

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