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Top 5 Birthday Party Food Ideas

Everyone loves an amazing birthday party with games, presents, friends, and most of all yummy food. With everything going digital as technology takes over the general lifestyle, it is essential that you know that throwing a birthday party today doesn’t involve loads of chores. All you need to do is pick up your smartphone and look through the list of dishes available for you to order online. Now, ordering something online with hundreds of options in the menu can be a major decision. So here we have segregated a list of dishes to add to your birthday party menu.


No party is complete without the presence of Pizza in it. You can easily bet on the fact that most guests at the birthday party often seek pizza even before the party starts. Several restaurants all over your city provide you a list of pizza variants to be ordered online using the Swiggy Coupons. Make sure you check with your guests if they are allergic to any variant such as olives or anything else before adding the same to your order cart.


When attending a birthday party, you will always find a range of cookies being served to you. Whether it is the peanut butter cookies or the oatmeal raisin one, this crunchy and sweet dish can surely be the choice for the evening when you are planning a birthday party of your own. The best ones loved by kids are the chocolate chip cookies served in gourmet style and available at incredibly affordable prices online. You can order a fresh batch from your favorite restaurant with Faasos Coupon Code.

3-Taco Bar:

Tacos add as the perfect food item for a birthday party styled in the fiesta theme. While it’s good to opt for all vegetarian themes, not every birthday party guest would want veggies on their plate. So make sure, you have tacos as the backup dish for the ones that love munching on some ground beef. This protein-based food item comes with toppings such as cheese, lettuce, and other classic items that make this option a tasty desire. The crispy outer layer decked with soft savory insides with the freshness of lettuce makes it the best option for birthday party menu.

4-Mini Cheese Burgers:

Now, you don’t have to go traditional with cheese burgers when it comes to birthday parties. All you need to do is create mini-burgers that are optimum for the young party visitors while being sophisticated enough for the adults in the party. You can opt for two different versions of the same, one with cheese and another without it. This will help the guests enjoy the taste of this delicacy, if they suffer from lactose intolerance.

5-Colorful Popcorn:

Popcorn is the best option when going for a themed birthday party that comes with a movie marathon session. Amp up the life of the party with colors added to the same. Use food coloring along with some delicious spices and hint of butter to make those movie marathon sessions a memorable one.

So make sure your birthday party is all about color, taste, and most of all fun as you celebrate growing a year older.

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