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Top 5 Family Movies of 2017

free movies onlineFamily movies in 2016 bring laughter, love and life to the screen. With important messages portrayed and meaningful narratives, these movies are on the list of becoming all time top classics. Teens and toddlers will love these top movies created with amazing storylines and amazing graphics. These family movies will even have the adults impressed. Plan that family weekend and start a marathon of these amazing fun, family movies.


This heartwarming, animated adventure is a movie which will soon become a family favorite. This is cleverly created with animation that will keep even the youngest of viewers attached to the TV screen. This portrays an environment of animals where everyone lives together and where anyone can become anything they want to be. From hope and happiness to dreams and dareful states this is a movie which provides a priceless message for the younger generation.

Pete’s Dragon

Disney comes up trumps again with this amazing family movie. We follow the story of an orphaned boy and his best friend who is actually a dragon. This ultimate family movie is where our favorite stars come together in this journey filled with love and hope. Magical and heartwarming the whole way through this is a movie which simply can’t be missed and will leave your children dreaming of the world before them.

The Jungle Book

Become engrossed in the newest version of the famous story, The Jungle Book. Following the story of a young boy adopted by a pack of wolves this movie shows the interaction between humans and animals. It is a heartwarming story which will have you tearful the whole way through. This adventure tale brings the classical story back to the cinema and shows children how real life challenges can be overcome. Fresh and entertaining this will soon become yet another family favorite.

Finding Dory

Finding Dory is a thought provoking movie set in the unknown, underwater world. This movie reunites our loveable fish with her family. Find the real meaning of family, this is a movie where everyone can learn something priceless. Visually dazzling, colorful and immersive you will find yourself lost the whole way through. With lively performance you will be affected in more ways than one when joining in on the journey through a world created with beautiful animations.


Moana is set in time, over three thousand years ago. Follow the great sailors who journey around the world, across the pacific and discover the islands of Oceania. Moana is about a teenager who sets off to save her family. Throughout the journey we meet amazing, inspiring characters that help show the way. This amazing family movie is packed with emotions and actions of all sorts. Not only does Moana start the journey to become a hero but one in which she finds herself. With stunning visuals this Disney movie again teaches an important lesson to our children. Enchanting tunes, a captivating narrative and deep characters you won’t want this movie to end.

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