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Top 5 Intriguing Baby Naming Practices in India

Names are an integral part of one’s identity. At, we feel blessed in helping thousands of visitors including new and expecting parents in their decision of finding suitable names for babies. We take pride in carrying out the research for baby name trends for newborn boys and girls and break them down into multiple categories like Sanskrit Baby Names, Alphabet-based baby names. So, here is a curated list of Top 5 Interesting Baby Naming Trends in India.

Dhanu Rashi Effect

For the contributions to a person’s behaviour like law-abiding, ambitious, confident and risk-taking qualities; Jupiter, the ruling planet of the zodiac has a special significance in Baby naming trends in India. We have seen requests from India parents to share Dhanu Rashi names. The Dhanu Rashi names starting with ‘Bh’ and ‘Dh’ are the most sought after ones. There are some really great naming choices falling under this zodiac including Dhruv, Dhwani, Dhairya, etc.

2 Names Culture from Sothern India

In a country like India, there are numerous vibrant cultures and traditions to witness during naming a baby in different regions. South Indian naming practices showcase one of these fascinating traditions. People in South India are highly inspired by Godly names like Karthik. The name is quite common but inspiring and therefore, to make it eminent, South Indian parents often seek a rare extension or second real name that resonate with Karthik and makes the complete name unique. We often get requests for two real names which inspires us to carry out comprehensive research to find two compelling names that compliment each other and suggest them to the parents.  

Persian/Hebrew Names are Pleasing to the Ears  

The fascinating nature, beguiling art and culture, Holy Quran, the sections of Persian literature Shahnameh – there are plenty of inspiring origins of the beautiful Persian names that make Indian parents fall for them over and again. The Hebrew names are equally amazing and popular among the Indian parents. Research and naming trends show that the names like Abram, Abir, Adin, Ahiram, Amyra, Anika, Anitra, Mayan, Ronit and Zia that belong to Persian or Hebrew origins are highly preferred by Indian parents because they sound royal and Indian.

Divine Connection with Hindu God/Goddess Names

Shiva’s power, Kartikeya’s skills, Saraswati’s wisdom and Ganesha’s protection from obstacles – these are the inspiring and positive traits every Indian parent wants their kids to be blessed with. The names inspired by Hindu Gods and Goddesses are believed to have a huge influence on a personality. Shiva, Ganesh and Murugan are the top 3 most popular names-inspirations in India.

Parents Name Combo is the New Buzz

Baby names blended with Parents name is a growing choice in India. The idea is pretty much logical and innovative. Parents have put their whole and sole to create a life and they want a name for the newborn that reflects both the personalities. Call it a traditional practice, a way to pay tribute to both of the parents or a smart method to create a unique name keeping the names of both the parents intact – Parents Name Combination trend is on the rise and we often come across such requests.

How Do I Help Parents in Baby Naming?

There are loads of naming choices, ideas and trends flooding the internet creating a big challenge for Indian parents to single out a suitable name. At Gomama247, we help them to narrow down their list of names by suggesting them beautiful baby boy or girl names based on our search. Our journey continues until the parents find a carefully-suggested name to fill in the blank name section of their baby’s birth certificate. We study and research various name origins; especially Sanskrit names. We delve into their meanings and roots to ensure their suitability. Our naming suggestions often include rare, meaningful and trendy names from the Origins like Sanskrit, Hebrew, Persian and Arabic. We help our visitors to create unique new names with bridging names or name variations. 

BY: Ms. Sapana Vibhandik, Founder Gomama247

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