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Top 5 luxury corporate gift ideas for employees in 2019

Giving fancy expensive gifts to executives in your company help foster rich working and business relationships that help your organization to thrive. But selecting a corporate gift can be a challenge. You need to strike a balance between thoughtfulness, value and a company’s code of ethics. Are you trying to be an impressive boss by giving luxury gifts to your employees? If so, check out the list of top luxury gift ideas that are mentioned below.

  1. Whiskey Decanter and Barware Set: For whiskey connoisseur who value the taste of their liquor and to display their prized collection Decanter Whiskey and Barware Set are fantastic corporate gifts for them. To make your gift more unique and special, do consider giving whiskey related barware items that include whiskey stones that are present in an elegant gift box.
  2. Gift Baskets: Gift basket full of luxury, lifestyle goods, and gift certificates will leave a lasting impression on deserving employees. It can be a vessel of decadence customized to suit the interests and tastes of the receiver. What’s more? Make sure the gift baskets are personalized, don’t include your company’s branded swag unless it’s worth a significant amount of money.
  3. Display Boxes: If your corporation is a collector of ornaments or trinkets, gifting a luxury display box is a great expensive giveaway idea because you will be enhancing their most cherished items. Go for a box made of quality wood or fine glass so as to accentuate the ornaments.
  4. Candlesticks and Votives: By gifting candlesticks and votives, you will simply be spreading light and love by creating more personal business relations with acquaintances and employees. These stylish decor items give a sophisticated feel to space and create a relaxing and comfortable feeling which is beneficial for the mind and body.
  5. Globe Awards: It is a perfect luxury corporate gift to honour the recipient for their accomplishment. Being a sophisticated display in their office they come in different forms- Solar-powered spinning globes, static structures and even anti-gravity global gifts. It even allows you to personalize the gift, including inserting your company logo.

Bottom Line:

Certainly, sending out gifts to your employees is one of the best ways to create a good rapport with your employee. We hope our list of flexible yet luxurious popular corporate gift ideas that will easily impress the employees.

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