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Top 5 Modern-day gadgets we must have to get through the day

Are you one of the gadget freaks whose sustenance is entirely based on technology? Or are you someone who just wholly hates completing the daily life chores without anything interesting in it? Either way, there are a few quirky and unusual gadgets introduced by Digitek that will make your life way more comfortable. Here, we have listed a few modern-day devices that have been known to make your life a breeze walk. Read on the article to have an in-depth view.

1-Digitek HD Lightning Cable iPhone LTC: The Lightning Cable from Digitek will work at lightning speed for the transmission of data. Also, the data cable is compatible with charging, making your work more manageable as your data transmission. And charging of the phone can be done with the help of a single cable, and you do not have to go around carrying a streak of cable wires with you. The HD Lightning LTC cable ensures that there is a good supply of power and the interference of signal during data transmission is drastically reduced with the cable.

2-Fast Wireless Charger 10W: The future of charging has been introduced, and it is wireless. With all the added convenience, there is no doubt that the wireless charger of 10W from Digitek is gaining so much popularity. This charger uses electromagnetic fields to induce charge to the gadgets when in contact. You can simply place your phone or any other Qi-compatible device on this charging pad, and within no time, your gadget has been powered up and all to function efficiently.

3-Digitek Professional LED Ring light: The LED ring light from Digitek is ergonomically designed, which emits a bi-coloured distinctive source of light. The light is exceptionally soft and is slightly directional. As well the light can be easily mounted on a grip head, or you can also make use of a light stand, and have unmatched photo shooting experience with shadowless effects especially kind for the complexion. The temperature of the color may vary from 3200k to 5500k. And there are no shadow apertures showed by the ring structure of the LED light.

4-Digitek Platinum rechargeable battery for Canon: The platinum rechargeable battery is here to make your life a cakewalk. You can now click as many photos as you can with your Canon camera set without having to worry about the battery. This Platinum rechargeable battery from Digitek is efficiently compatible with Canon XC10, EOS 60D, EOS 70D, EOS 60Da, EOS 5D III and many more Digital SLR Cameras. Now your photo shooting experience shall be entirely enhanced without running out of camera charge any time soon if you have the Digitek Platinum rechargeable battery at your disposal.

5-Digitek Light Stand with a bag: The Light Stand introduced by Digitek is about 7 ft tall, which is extraordinarily light-weighted and is an astoundingly stable option for either indoor or outdoor photographic shooting. The tripod stands even after being so light-weighted is robust and sturdy enough to bear the massive lights and function efficiently. This has been introduced to make your photographic life way easier than you can ever imagine.


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