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Top 5 Monsoon Destinations in and around Nagpur

mansoon destination in nagpurNagpur is much more than just oranges. After the onset of monsoons, the city lights up back to life with greens all over. Now, not everyone knows this but Nagpur holds the tag of being the 2nd greenest city in the country. Something so green when decked with the beauty of water all over surely makes up for a great view. Apart from the greenery all around, Nagpur is also a great place for recreation with places including Dwarka Water Park Nagpur. If you are planning a trip to Nagpur during Monsoon, here are some of the must visit places that should be among the top ranks of your itinerary.


Located about 260km from Nagpur, Panchmarhi is a beautiful tourist retreat in Madhya Pradesh. It is well known by the name “Queen of the Satpura”. If you are in search of a surreal experience with the beauty of pre-modern era, make sure you plan a visit to Panchmarhi to see the unique combination of lakes, caves, waterfalls, and some structures dating all the way  back to the colonial-era.

2-Pench National Park:

Nagpur is a great retreat for nature lovers and Pench Natiional Park is surely among the best places to visit. A mesmerizing combination of trees and wildlife, the park is spread amidst an area of 750sq kms. The Pench River passes through this haven for tigers making it a worthwhile investment of time.


Jamsawali is a place famous for the uniquely designed Hanuman Temple which is present on the Chhindwara road. Apart from the temple, the area is decked with beautiful waterfalls fuelled by the heavy rains in the rainy season. Make sure you visit this place during the monsoons to make the best out of the long trip.

4-Japanese Garden:

If you are is search for a beautiful garden decked with pretty flowers, well you are in luck because Nagpur is well known for its beautiful gardens that can be a great selfie spot for you and your friends. The Japanese Garden is among the well-known gardens for the ones who love morning walk. It is located in the centre of the city providing access via local transportation system. Make sure you visit this beautiful garden just after the morning rains and take a relaxing stroll. You can also eat some tasty snacks at the variety of kiosks that are located outside of the garden.

5-Ambazari Overflow Point:

Ambazari Overflow Point is a must visit place for you if you love to splash around water or simply watch the streams of water as the downpour while you sip your hot cup of tea. This place is highly recommended for all those who are completely in love with the rains.

Starting with the beautiful smell of the first rain ranging all the way to heavy downpour, Nagpur has it all. For any nature lover, Nagpur can surely be deemed as love at first site. Nagpur isn’t just limited to these few places. You can know more about the places to visit in Nagpur by visiting Nerd’s Travel.

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