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Top 5 most Innovative platforms to look out for in 2019

The startup is the buzzword of the day. The last few years have witnessed the development of many startups around the world with India being no exception. These innovative platforms vision are the talk of the hour. These platforms helps us in doing things smartly or achieving the result in a more simpler and easy manner. Sometimes the economic revolutions are the result of great innovation and economic growth are directly proportionate to each other. Economic growth can invest more and more into emerging technologies.  Greater resources are to be invested to yield the best results.

Digital Mall of Asia – An expression of path breaking innovation, DIGITAL MALL OF ASIA, a first of its kind project is an amalgamation of Real Estate and Digital space. It is a unique concept that introduces DIGITAL MALLS with DIGITAL SHOPS which an individual can buy, sell and rent. It brings together the best of offline and online worlds, the shopping experience of an offline mall where brands have dedicated shops and convenience of online shopping where we get unlimited selection and benefit of buying anytime, anywhere. Each mall in a city is different in spite of being the part of the same portal. It is developed on a scalable, robust, secure and reliable technology to manage an ecosystem of brands.
NestAway- This startup gives respite to the ever moving young generation of the country. Migrating from hometown to other cities for prospective employment opportunities is a common thing today. However, getting a proper accommodation is a hassle. Especially for bachelors who want to find a decent accommodation without spending too much money.
NestAway offers furnished homes available for rent without you having to run after brokers or convince the landlord regarding your character so that they take you in as their tenant. NestAway offers everything from finding, to move in at the house via their app. The same applies for move out.

Urban Clap- UrbanClap has become India’s first online service platform. It operates in six cities and works on demand services. Earlier times, it was difficult to find reliable service providers for home, like carpenters and plumbers etc. But with Urban Clap, this has come as a huge relief. The sheer luxury of getting all the needed services with one click from your phone has made UrbanClap a huge success in the market. As per UrbanClap, their salon services got huge demand from the consumers.

SHOPX- A retail operating system that connects brands, retailers, and consumers, is now rapidly aggregating small stores. After five years in operations, it has reached close to 120,000 retailers and is currently experimenting with a complete digital platform at Ramnagar, a small town outside of Bengaluru, and other towns across India. Their technology can manage over 500,000 transactions per day and powers a deeply integrated supply chain.

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