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Top 5 places on Earth that are a direct entry to hell

hell entry

In the present time, Hell is often used in the context of an abstract concept. However, in our history, Hell was considered as concrete and undergrounded place which lied within the center of the Earth.

In our many religious books, it is said that there are many portals all around the world which has a way to hell. So, here are some of the sites which many believers consider as an entrance to Hell:

  1. The Phlegraean fields

Phlegraean fields have remained one of the popular holiday destinations for many rich noblemen in ancient Greece. The hot spring was a specific attraction despite the dark background of naming it as a gateway to Hell.

The Phlegraean fields are actually lie on top of a crater filled of magma which causes some supernatural appearances like sulfur clouds, bubbling mud pits, hot springs etc. The author Gervase of Tilbury has also mentioned in his books that the copper-wrought gates are present below the magma in a melting form.

  1. The Plutonium, Hierapolis

It is set in modern-day Turkey and said to be one of the most spectacular gateways to Hell which can be found at Hierapolis. The name Plutonium was given considering the planet Pluto, the god of death and underworld. It was claimed that the birds flew very close to this place dropped dead falling from the sky. Strabo, a Greek historian recorded that the priests of the temple would put their heads inside the cave for a long time and rest of the body outside and returned without any harm.

In 2011, the scientists have found the reason for the priests’ survival is CO2 concentration at different times of the day which allows the priests to enter the chamber safely. They also discovered the root cause of carbon dioxide emission in a visible mist which is a volcanic rift below the monument.

  1. Erta Ale

Etra Ale is one of the largest lava lakes across the world which is located in Ethiopia. The volcano is also named as ‘Smoking Mountain’ and ‘Gateway to Hell’ by the local people. The Lava coming out of the cauldron continuously breaches out the rim of the volcano. It has been also featured in the 2010 movie ‘Clash of the Titans’ as an entrance to Hell.

  1. Lerna

It is a famous Greek mythological place for being the habitat of the nine-headed hydra.  As soon as the perishable head was lopped off, another head would appear, making the hydra invulnerable.

Lerna was a place with a lot of sumps, and assumed to a home of natural springs and multiple-headed snakes. It is also said that in the books of mythology that Dionysus used the lake to sneak into Hell to search his mothers.

  1. The cave of the Sibyl

According to the Greek mythology, a Sibyl is embodied as a female prophet related with a particular temple and god, generally Apollo.

In the story of eternal life boon asked by the Sibyl of Cumae, Apollo did not gave her the boon because she forgot to read the fine print. Sibyl grew old spending here rest of the life in this cave so that no one could spot her.

In the book The Aenied , it is mentioned that the whispering of Sibyl can be heard behind each door. It was also disclosed in the book that one of the door leads to the Hell where the dead resides.

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