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Top 5 stars of all time in Hollywood



New year, new looks: Celebrities are ringing in 2019 with surprising new transformations.

Some modified their painting hairstyles — whether or not they picked up a home appliance or dyestuff — whereas others merely updated their vogue.

Madonna was one in all the primary stars to draw attention because the clock struck midnight. Photos of the singer went microorganism on social media when she took the stage at Manhattan’s Stonewall hotel with a seemingly curvier than usual buttocks. The speculation of a possible surgery prompted several to come back to Madonna’s defense, reminding fans it’s “her body, her choice.”

After all, Madonna did show everybody the importance of being kind to others in a very moving New Year’s Eve speech.

 “If we have a tendency to actually took the time to induce to understand each other, we’d notice that we all bleed the identical color and that we all have to love and be idolized. Let’s keep in mind who and what we have a tendency to are fighting for — ourselves, for every alternative,” she urged the gang, per the USA nowadays.

Here’s a running list of celebrities who have wowed fans with their new appearance to date this year.

  • Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes is standing in his undergarment in a suite on the fifth floor of a London edifice as a 200-strong crowd of screaming teen ladies gathers outside. “Everyone who doesn’t get to be within the area, leave the area,” he says in a well-mannered way however firmly, in a very soft Canadian drawl. Pop’s current poster child ought to be accustomed inflicting a stir. His #MyCalvins campaign (following within the footsteps of Justin Bieber in 2016) stone-broke the web earlier this year, inching the 20-year-old immature development – three us chart-topping albums, 30m monthly listeners on Spotify, over 6bn video views – nearer to tabloid ascendency and international domination.

At the Brit Awards that night, Mendes can cringe as presenter Jack Whitehall ribs him regarding “suspicious packages”, thus it’s curious to listen to him describe the designer chance – and therefore the sequent results pored over by his 42m Instagram followers – as “a goal of mine at the highest of 2018. the maximum amount as it’s a stepping stone on behalf of me to play a structure, it’s a large moment on behalf of me to step before of a camera and take my shirt off. I don’t see one being less meaning than the opposite.”

The air is thick with earnestness as we tend to sit down for lunch within the edifice eating place. I blunder out a matter regarding whether or not he had to wear further artifact. “No,” he says, brow raised.

 “They’re dedicated underclothes.” Did they send you some free ones? “Yeah, I even have boxes of them reception.” He lifts up the very cheap fringe of his T-shirt and pulls at the cincture of his underclothes before quickly propulsion his shirt backtrack. You’re not carrying them these days area unit you? “Not at once,” he says sheepishly. “I ought to be.”


All eyes are going to be on Abigail Breslin and Colt Prattes within the approaching Dirty performing arts remake for the enduring dance move, and other people have your exclusive 1st verify the finale’s extremely anticipated moment.

In the photograph, Breslin (who is getting in the performing arts shoes of resort guest Frances “Baby” Houseman) beams as Pratts’s bad-boy dance teacher Johnny Reb Castle triumphantly holds her higher than his head, thrilling the gang at Kellerman’s resort.

The Lift, created famed by Jennifer gray and Saint Patrick Swayze within the 1987 classic (below), was no straightforward exploit for the lead actor. In People’s special issue on Dirty performing arts, gray remembers avoiding the move—much like her character within the motion-picture show.

“I don’t assume I did the elevate till the finale after I had to,” she once aforesaid.

Because she was an associate degree, undisciplined dancer, the lifts were truly massive moments for her in person,” creator Kenny statesman aforesaid of gray during a featurette on the thirtieth day Blu-Ray of the film. “She was meaning to do them as a person, not even as a personality. She brought that to the role, and her reactions were thus real and honest.”


There’s no larger fan of Adele’s “Hello” than Lionel Richie himself.

The 66-year-old Grammy-winning creative person, who enjoyed tremendous success along with his own single known as “Hello” within the early ’80s, is excited concerning the new attention the decades-old song has received since Adele free her best track in October.

After the song’s debut, a video mashup of British people balladeer hanging up the phone on the previous commodore forthwith went viral, poke fun at the two hits’ similar set of lyrics. 

While previewing his new home assortment to Manhattan’s prime land brokers at the city Residential Art metropolis kick-off event, E! News trapped with the “All Night Long” vocalizer at the couturier Mansion to speak concerning the song’s second shot at high status.

Justin Bieber


Justin Bieber sparked a worldwide dialogue last week concerning the correct thanks to eating a burrito once he was pictured feeding one sort of a complete fool.

Except, it seems, he wasn’t. 

YouTube channel affirmative Theory arranged claim to the Reddit photograph during a video announce Sunday – and explained that the photograph was a hoax.

The disputation began once an image surfaced on a weekday with somebody United Nations agency unclothed a hanging similitude to the 24-year-old Canadian singer sitting on a bench in la whereas feeding a dish … sideways.

The picture skyrocketed to the highest of Reddit and sparked a dialogue concerning however one best consumes the Mexican meal.

Now it looks the joke is on all folks as a result of the total issue was a rigorously musical group prank by the favored YouTube content creators.


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