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Top 5 Unique Gadgets To Buy In 2019

Want to try something new before the festivities come to a close in 2019? Well, there are quite a few unique gadgets that you can buy this year. To give you a glimpse of what’s in store, we have prepared a list of the top 5 unique gadgets to buy in 2019.

Instant translator: You will find this useful if you often travel to different states or countries. You just have to attach one piece to your ear and give the other piece to the person you want to talk to. Spoken words are translatedimmediately in the language you have selected. While the inbuilt system of these latest electronic gadgets is not 100% accurate, it certainly helps in basic conversations.

Temperature controlled coffee mug: If you are a tea of coffee lover, you will love this gadget. This keeps your tea/coffee warm for up to 1 hour on a single charge. For longer duration, you can buy the charging coaster along with the coffee mug. You can control the temperature of the coffee mug and other things via a smartphone app.

Audio sunglasses: Want to listen to music in a discreet manner? You can choose latest electronic gadgets such as audio sunglasses, which come with inbuilt Bluetooth based earphones. As there won’t be any wires dangling on your body and as people will only see the sunglasses, you can listen to your favorite music in a discreet manner.

Heated shaving razor set: It’s common knowledge that using warm water results in smooth and comfortable shave. However, the entire process of heating water and getting it to the right temperature can be a little annoying. If you are looking for gadgets that can solve this problem, you can buy heated shaving razor set that automatically heats up to around 50° Celsius. This in turn transfers the heat to water and shaving foam, enabling optimal comfort and superior shave.

Mixed reality glasses: These gadgets can be used to create an immersive experience for users by displaying virtual content on top of what you see in real world. Unlike bulky headsets, these look like standard sunglasses and yet do their job perfectly. Mixed reality glasses come with 1080P widescreen display, voice control and spatial sound.

These unique gadgets will certainly be useful for you and your loved ones. These are available in a broad price range, which means there’s something to suit every pocket. You can buy these gadgets for your own use or consider it as a gifting option. In case you want to buy any of these latest electronic gadgets in bulk, it is recommended that you contact a reputed corporate gift supplier.


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