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Top 5 unusually bizarre wedding traditions from all around the world

A wedding is a memorable occasion when two people come together to share the rest of their life together with love and care. There are thousands of customs all around the world which every culture follows to celebrate the wedding moment. All these customs generally depend on the culture of people and sometimes it’s turned out to be bizarre.

Here are some countries with unusual wedding rituals follower in particular regions which are yet unique and interesting in their own ways:

  1. India

Many of us are aware of some of the unusual wedding customs where Tamil Brahmin marriage in Southern India lists in the top. It doesn’t happen in every ritual of Tamil Brahmin marriage but in some of the selected one, the groom pretends to reconsider the marriage. He acts to leave the marriage ceremony and become a priest while the family members convince him to stay and get married.

The priest who officiates the wedding also gets involved to change the groom’s mind. After all these dramatized acts as a fun quotient, the groom became ready to go to the marriage hall and complete the wedding rituals.

  1. Marquesas Islands Wedding Ceremony

In every wedding function on Marquesas Island, the people organize some unique wedding customs which are actually strange but interesting. After the completion of the marriage ceremony, the bride’s relatives lie down facing towards the floor and the couple walks over them. It is like a red carpet moment for the newly married couple to give them a special feeling.

  1. Maasai

The Maasai wedding ceremonies are a mixture of many traditional marriage customs with some unique rituals. After the two families get agreed for the next going to be bride and groom, an elder spits out milk outside the bride’s house to as a confirmation of the wedding procession. The bride’s head is shaved and lamb fat is applied all over her bald head. Then her father also spits on her breast and head because the Maasai people believe that spitting could bring a good fortune for the bride after the marriage.

  1. Wales

It has started from 17th century, when the Welsh people have started a special and unique tradition of courtship. In this ritual, the man ornately carves a plank of wood into a spoon and gifts as a token of love to the women who he is going to marry.

It is believed by the Welsh that the spoon is a symbol of love and promise and embodies that the groom would never ever let the bridge go hungry.

  1. China

This a ritual which is very famous among the Tujia people of China where every bride cries at her wedding ceremony. If the bride doesn’t cry, the guest believes that she is a poorly cultivated girl and has no love for her parents. As per the rituals, the bride begins to cry a month before the date of marriage and after 10 days her mother also joins in the custom to cry. Slowly, her grandmother and other female relatives also join here in the crying ceremony. They believe that tears are not to express sadness in a marriage; it is a feeling of happiness and hope.

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