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Top 6 Music Festival Promotional And Logo Animated Videos

Music festivals gather millions of fans at already renowned locations all over the world, and new festivals appear every year. The success of the newcomers is almost guaranteed if the preparations are done correctly: good advertisement with some popular singers or DJs, and the party can begin!

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Every one of these exciting music festivals needs a recognizable opening animation to create the wow effect on people that are merely browsing through the social networks today, because exactly those people can be your first visitors! You shouldn’t miss a chance of good advertisement when it’s being offered to you – we mentioned earlier what the most important points are when creating a brand new music festival.

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Why don’t you take a look at our new stunning music festival opening animation that we at QuinceMedia made for Honduras Music Festival:

Doesn’t this animation inspire you to visit Honduras and this exciting music festival? We surely loved creating this promo, and we are ready to make more! Do you also need a promo or an intro for your own music adventures? Maybe you just really like music festivals and can’t wait to visit one?

If you do, you should take a look at some of our favorite music festival animations – we could make one like it just for your festival, or your favorite upcoming event!

2. Pitchfork Music Festival Intro

Chicago surely loves their annual music festival – They have a brand new, original promo every single year! Our personal favorite is 2014, the colors were spot on in our opinion. It makes us want to fly to Illinois immediately!

Credits: Optimus Design

3. Tomorrowland Music Festival Logo Animation

Another great example is logo animation of one of the most famous music festivals of today Tomorrowland which happens every year in Boom – Belgium. This is their intro opener from 2015.

Credits: Pixelinkt by Natal Hoff

4. Reeperbahn Festival Opener

One of Germany’s most popular entertainment streets definitely takes care of their festival. This innovative trailer combined simple everyday things with art and it ended up looking magnificent! Take a look at it yourself, it is a couple of minutes well spent!

Credits: Vitaly Grossmann

5. Between The Beats – Jazz Festival Trailer

This modern festival is the proof that not only electronic music is popular nowadays, and it is definitely not only the electronic music festivals that need a great promo video like this one. Enjoy this trailer and the beautiful jazz in it, and know that your music festival can also have a pretty opening video like this one.

Credits: Sebastian Lange

6. Sound Bash Music Festival Promo

This beautiful trailer was made for 2015 Sound Bash Music Festival in Berlin. The black & white base together with the scratchy theme really caught our eye, so we had to include it in this collection.

Credits: Matt Dippenaar

Are you a music producer that somehow stumbled upon this music festival page? Are you going to set the stage on fire soon? Make sure to have the right preparations done, and we do all the needed work with animation for you, and create an awesome Music Promo Video for you!

Did you like these powerful promotional logo intro videos? Are you looking for one? Contact us, and our team at QuinceMedia will make sure your new music festival opening video ignites the social networks, because only your imagination is the limit of our animation!

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