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Top 7 Mac Data Recovery Tools

Just like Windows computer, even the Mac computer can lose data when it gets corrupted. Once, the Mac gets corrupted you will lose all the data. There is plenty of data recovery software for Windows but the same can’t be when one is using Mac because it is a more sophisticated system that requires a high level of recovery tools. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t recover deleted files. Today, in this post I shall share with you the top 7 Mac data recovery software which is available in the market. The reviews are totally unbiased reviews and therefore we will be discussing both the pros and cons of that Mac data recovery software which can be used to recover deleted files.

  1. EaseUS Data Recovery Software

This software is meant for recovering data with Ease. I have specifically mentioned this software because it is 100% safe. This software is an easy way of recovering data. With the trust of more than 6,000,000 users, you can’t go wrong with it. The app can be used to recover the lost data, for creating a backup system and data, to manage disk space and apart from that it offers many more utilities. The software is available to be used in both the Windows and Mac version of the PC. 

 Now on basis of the data that you have lost in your Mac system, you can choose one of the above software to recover the lost files. Check the software that best fits your requirement and use it to recover your precious data.

This software is meant for recovering lost photos and videos from a Mac hard disk. It carries out a deep scan of the hard disk to check the deleted files. It has a clone feature that allows creating a replica of the existing drive. As a result of this, you can be ensured that your hard disk will remain intact even if something wrong happens during the process. The only con of the mac data recovery software is that one has to annually subscribe the software in order to use it for unlimited data recovery.

  1. Wondershare Mac Data Recovery

It is software that allows you to recover deleted and lost files from the Mac. It can efficiently recover the data that you have accidentally deleted from your system. The software supports data recovery from:

  • Mac trash
  • Hard drive
  • Memory card
  • Flash drive
  • Digital camera
  • Camcorders

Wondershare Mac Data Recovery can be used to data when

  • It is suddenly deleted
  • A hard drive was formatted as a result of corruption
  • Virus have attacked the system
  • The system has itself crashed

The software has a simple user interface and the data recovery takes place smoothly. You can recover the complete bunch of the data or pieces of it. It gives you the freedom to review the file before actually recovering them. It can also recover data for you even when your system is totally corrupted. The only con of Wondershare Mac Data Recovery is that it comes with a price tag.

  1. iSkysoft Data Recovery

It is the second most popular Mac data recovery tool. It can efficiently be used to recover lost data from a Mac PC. iSkysoft Data Recovery comes with many data recovery options and the users can choose the recovery method that you want. The software has a straightforward interface and therefore any novice can use this tool to recover deleted data from their Mac. One doesn’t need any technical knowledge to use this software. It is similar to Wondershare Mac Data Recovery because it also comes with a price tag.

  1. Disk Drill

The Disk Drill is available in two versions:

  1. Free version
  2. Premium version

Disk Drill can be used to recover data in

  • Mac OS X
  • iPads
  • Kindle devices
  • iPods

The best thing about Disk Drill is that it comes with tutorial along with it and therefore it becomes very easy to use it. The software allows the users to preview the file that is looking forward to recovering. It also allows the users to scan the device which is connected to the computer to check for the deleted and lost data. The cons of Disk Drill is that the interface can be a bit complicated for the people. Also, if you want to use all the features of the software, you have to get the premium version of it.

  1. Do Your Data Recovery

You can use Do Your Data Recovery for Mac data recovery when the files are deleted as a result of:

  • Hard disk crashes
  • Voltage fluctuations
  • Downgrading the operating system
  • Upgrading operating system

Also, this software again comes with a preview feature to help the users to preview the files that they want to recover. It is free software but still, it acts in an effective and efficient manner. The cons of Do Your Data Recovery are that the preview features which are present in the software can’t read all the files which have been deleted. If someone wants to use the advanced features of the software, they have to get the premium version of it.

  1. Tenorshare Any Data Recovery

If you are looking for an advanced Mac data recovery tool to recover deleted data then Tenoshare Any Data Recovery is the tool that you should have. The software can easily recover deleted files from media files, emails and many other folders which are present in the Mac hard drive. The software comes with a step-by-step guide to make its use easier for the clients. It has an easy to understand interface. The cons of Tenorshare Any Data Recovery are that no log files are created in the process of data recovery process. One needs to pay for using this software.

  1. Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery

It is a recovery tool that is meant for use in the advanced versions of Mac OS X. With this software you can recover all sorts of file format. It can be used to recover data when it got deleted because of:

  • Crashed hard drives
  • Corrupted or deleted partitions

The software can be used to support raw data recovery from any deleted or corrupted partitions. The software can scan the hard disk to recover the deleted files. It supports a variety of file system. One needs to buy this software to use it. The con of this software is that it might get confusing for few people.

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