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Top apps that are best for people ailing with anxiety

 It’s tough for many people to get their arms around this concept. So let’s talk about what it really is and how can you get help. Anxiety is an emotion marked by feelings of tension, worried thoughts, and physical changes like increased blood pressure. Apparently, when these emotions become uncontrollable it is termed as “Anxiety disorder”. The crux of it is the complete disability to be at placid with the present moment.

So, here is a list of apps to help you slow down, work through your worries and breathe.

  1. Calm

Calm is a great app for meditation and mindfulness. You can always go for the free version, but there are also some paid packages which unlock more exercises. Calm is the reminder to practice meditation and mindfulness daily. It also keeps a record of how many sessions you’ve done. You also get to choose how much time you want to practice.

  1. Worry Watch

In order to use this app, you just have to follow 5 steps: record, reflect, reason, realise. It helps you to track your mental state over time by. First, you need to record the cause of your stress. Then you have to return to the app to reflect on the worry and note whether the outcome was good or bad. Based on the responses, it prepares charts and statistics to help you analyze your thoughts.

  1. Mindshift

It doesn’t matter whether you are struggling with general worry, social anxiety, phobia, panic or any other kind of anxiety, Mindshift provides customized tips with subject to what you are dealing with.

  1. What’s Up

Don’t confound What’s Up with the social site WhatsApp.What’s Up uses techniques from both Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Acceptance Commitment Therapy to help users cope with mental health issues like anger, depression and anxiety. The app offers a feature of “catastrophe scale” to help you put your problems perspective and an interactive question game to keep you calm in stressful moments.

  1. Pacifica

This app provides you with the chance to track your moods, health, and habits, offering relaxation techniques and mindfulness exercises to acclimate to your specific needs. It also has curated audio exercises if you are having a panic attack, faced with a stressful moment at work or even stuck on the subway

Bottom Line:

Choose a few that you feel like you’d be able to relax and give it a shot. Take one step at a time and overcome your fear. Majority of the apps recommended are free or are a small investment in comparison to private therapy or waiting to see someone for 8 weeks.

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