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Top Benefits of Hiring a Professional Dry Cleaner for your Clothes

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Some people consider professional dry cleaning a necessary luxury while others prefer to wash their clothes at home. However, there are many benefits to dry cleaning that you can’t get when you choose to wash at home.

For example, say you’re eating pizza with friends or family. Then, unfortunately, you drop that mouth-watering pizza on your favourite shirt. Oh no! Now what? If you wash it immediately at home, will it get all the tomato sauce out? Perhaps. But,your biggest concerns are the oil and grease, plus, that distinctive smell of double cheese and pepperoni. Unfortunately, these will not come out at home and require the professional dry cleaning services.

Here’s why:

1.   Superb Stain Removal

Professional dry cleaning services are stain experts, who know how to treat and remove all kinds of stains, including water-based, protein-based, organic-based, and oil-based stains. So, whether it’s yourgreasy pizza stain, a dried bloodstain, ora stubborn rust stain, take it to the experts. They know how to gently, but effectively remove it.

2.      Use of Eco-Friendly Solvents

Professional dry cleanersalso use eco-friendly solvents like hydrocarbons, hand-wash sprays, vodka sprays, and pressurized CO2, to remove stains. To get the best results, they combine these eco-friendly solvents withother stain-removal techniques to gently remove stains without ruining your clothes. For example, they may steam your pizza-stained shirt to soften the stain in order to remove it easier.

3.      Knowledge of Fabrics

Professional dry cleaners also have years of experience with all kinds of fabrics, including linen, silk, cashmere, rayon, wool and more. Their years of experience taught them how to care for them, preserve them and make them look like new. So, regardless of what type of fabric your pizza-stained shirt is, you’re in good hands.

  1. Superior Odour Removal

Dry Cleaners not only handle tough stains, they also specialize in odour removal. Some even have an ozone generator that removes even the toughest odours by breaking up moleculesdeep in the fabric. This deodorization process is called an ozone treatment, and is a safe and effective way to remove odour from your clothes. If the pizza smell isn’t completely eliminated from your shirt with an ozone treatment, they will apply eco-friendly solvents that cut through grease and oil ensure your shirt smells fresh and clean.

5.   Extend the Life of your Garments

When you wash and dry your clothes at home, you may actually do more damage to your clothes than good. Waterpenetrates fabrics and can cause them to swell and contract, stretching or tearing them. Dry cleaning fluids on the other hand, don’t contain water, and therefore, don’t penetrate the fabric. This prolongs the life and quality of your clothes.So, even if you were able to get that pesky pizza stain out at home, the water you used may actually damage the shirt itself. 

Should you Use a Professional Dry Cleaning Service?

Although not every fabric requires dry cleaning, it’s essential to properly dry clean those that do (like that pizza-stained shirt). If you aren’t sure if your particular garment or stain requires dry cleaning, take it to a professional dry cleaner. They will evaluate it and let you know the best course of action. Plus, hiring a professional dry cleaning service like Fox Cleanersmeans you can worry less and spend more time on what really matters–like eating more pizza.

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