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Top Benefits of Taxi Booking Application for drivers and customers

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Life in 21st century has become very fast. The introduction of smartphones and the pool of apps available have changed the way we lead our lives now, making it simpler than before. Today we think of anything and there is an app related to it to help us.

Earlier getting a cab/ taxi was a tedious job; you had to wait on the street virtually to flag down a taxi or had to stand endlessly at a prepaid taxi counter to book a ride. Even if you got a cab, the drivers would be unwilling to go to certain places or charge abnormal rates for going there at certain time of the day. All these things would often burn a hole in your pocket.

With the introduction of Taxi apps, personal transport system has undergone a significant change.

The current scenario is impressive

Take the example of Uber, which is considered as the market leader in online cab booking service providers. Uber has more than 40 million monthly active riders worldwide. In April 2017, the company paid out between $1.5 billion and $2 billion to drivers, after taking a cut from fares, as reported. Approximately, 21% of android smartphones have an Uber app installed, and 55% of U.S. population has access to Uber, a report suggests.

More than 500 million rides have been taken by people in India on Uber cabs in the four year since the ride-hailing company’s debut in the country. That’s not all. The demand for Uber, which operates in 29 cities in India, surged by almost 2.5 times between June 2016 and June 2017, the app aggregator said.

Bring the goodness of YelowTaxi into your business

On similar lines, we at YelowTaxi help build own customized Taxi Booking Apps to enhance your competitive edge in the market and increase your revenue. Yelow Taxi has a vast product portfolio that includes dispatch, booking and tracking solutions. It is realized by means of two apps. A companion app for the drivers and an app for your customers to book taxi anytime, anywhere.

What is there for drivers?

The driver app is the space where your drivers can accept or reject trips, go offline during a break, request support, navigate to a customer’s pick-up location, learn about trips he or she took over the weekend or during the last month and how much money he made.

  • Push Demand

Drivers do not need to drive around searching for passengers which reduces wasting of time unnecessarily on the driver’s part.

  • Digital Payment

Drivers do not need to carry huge amount of cash or change with them as customers are automatically billed and payment can be made in cashless way.

  • Feedback

Drivers can provide negative ratings to unmanageable customers through the app, helps for easy identification of such customers in future.

  • Navigate

It is easy for drivers to find exact location of the passenger as well as the destination they want to reach.

A passenger app your customers gonna love

Passengers love when you give them the ability to book taxi from anywhere, anytime. They don’t have to worry about carrying change as the transactions happen inside the app over a payment gateway and mostly cashless in nature. Passengers can learn when their ride will arrive and whereabouts of an approaching driver.

  • On-demand taxi

One major benefit of mobile apps is the speed at which you can find a taxi near you without having to venture out of your home to flag down a taxi, this is all taken care by the taxi app. It will automatically notify the nearest free taxi in your area giving it instructions to reach you using your GPS.

  • No moody drivers

It is a common practice for normal taxis to refuse passengers in case they do not want to go to a particular location. On the other hand, cabs running under the taxi app services cannot refuse any passenger, as drivers doing so can be penalized.

  • Realtime status

Passengers can get updates on cab location and their approximate arrival time.

  • Transparency

Passengers can rate drivers which make the system more transparent and trustworthy.

Why handlers, operators and managers need a taxi app?

  • Smart auto-dispatch helps to manage busy periods
  • Live tracking of cars is possible
  • It is easy to add and remove cars for free
  • Being the owner, you can see which drivers are performing and which are not through their behavior rating as given by the customers etc.
  • You can reach thousands of your potential customers.
  • You can keep track of each system with GPS location.
  • Automatic fare calculation and e-receipt generation, creation of reports on transactions and other analytics leads to better overview and control.
  • An easily accessible and operable taxi application makes your customers use your services frequently.

Switch to a taxi mobility solution by Yelowsoft

Taxi booking apps are necessary for any taxi fleet to survive in today’s world. Going by the statistics of already established taxi booking apps development, it perfectly makes sense for you to invest in one and make a fortune out of your business. Collaborate with us and we promise you to give a quality product which will be user friendly and attract maximum hits by users to your app.

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