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Top benefits of wearing jewellery on a regular basis

Jewelleries have been a part of Indian tradition for quite long. Apart from beautification of ladies all around, these metallic pieces crafted with beautiful designs have several health related benefits.

So, let’s take a look at some of such health benefits for various metals used in making jewelleries.

1-Gold Jewellery:

Gold has always been associated with warm energy given its yellowish sun-like color. It provides a soothing vibration to one’s body and aids the process of healing. It has been mentioned that colors have their own set of vibration that have a positive influence over the body that wears it. Yellow is known to radiate healing vibrations, thus ramping up the body immunity in a healthy way.

2-Silver Jewellery:

Silver also comes with multiple health benefits that has been used all across culture and time. It works as a powerful disinfecting agent that aids the wearer against flu and cold. Additionally, it also provides a versatile range of benefits which includes skin care and wound healing. Additionally, silver also comes in handy for regulation of internal heat when used in just the right quantity. It also evades any electromagnetic radiation coming from electronics such as mobile phones.

3-Diamond Jewellery:

Wearing a piece of diamond aids in providing generous and enriched thought process. It calms the mind while removing fearful and evil thoughts in this process. Additionally, it adds charm and attractiveness to your personality. Diamond improves your facial lustre while keeping you away from issues such as skin problems, diabetes, and issues in the private parts.

4-Artificial Jewellery:

Artificial or imitation jewellery is a compilation of metals brought together to aid affordability while catering better health. This particular jewellery comes in wide range of designs that is loved by each and every wearer, especially the millennial generation. Given the fact that it is a mixture of various metals available readily for use, it provides a mix of health benefits. From keeping cold & flu at bay to regulating the blood pressure in the body, artificial jewelleries keep you much more than stylish. They keep you healthy while you keep yourself on fleek.

So, if you are someone, who loves change, artificial jewelleries could be something that allows that change while providing amazing health benefits in the long run. Invest in unique craftsmanship from the comfort of your home as you look through the beautiful collection of artificial jewelleries over online platforms.

By: Anita Malhotra, Founder at

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