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Top colleges miss out in NIRF 2017 rankings

The list of best colleges in India for 2017 published in the second edition of National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) has some unexpected names in it. While six colleges of Delhi University have been featured in the top 10 best colleges list, other leading names such as St Stephen’s, Hindu College, etc. are missing from the list. It’s surprising to know that many of such leading colleges did not participate in 2017 rankings. Moreover, the “lack of time” reason provided by many principals is even more perplexing. Educational experts are astounded as to how these colleges can miss out on such important rankings.


The rankings are important since they are directly linked to funding and the level of autonomy. It may be recalled that the HRD ministry had earlier announced that colleges that rank higher will get more funds and autonomy. However, even with this incentive scheme, the number of participating colleges has gone down this year. A Delhi University professor said that the NIRF ranking system is flawed, which is why it is not attractive to colleges. He pointed out that private colleges are getting better rank as per the NIRF ranking system even when they don’t have good faculty, something that was discouraging.

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