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Top cop arrested in custodial death case in Himachal Pradesh

Taking a tough stand against gross negligence, the CBI has arrested 8 policemen in Himachal Pradesh. The eight policemen arrested include Zahur H Zaidi, the inspector general of Himachal Pradesh’s Southern Range and Deputy Superintendent of police Manoj Joshi. The policemen were arrested for their involvement in the custodial death of a suspect in a rape case. It may be recalled that the rape of a school girl had occurred in July this year. The girl was raped and murdered in Kotkhai, which is located around 55 km from the state capital Shimla. After the girl’s body was discovered, it was revealed during investigations that the girl was raped and murdered and her body abandoned in the forest area in Kotkhai.

A special team led by Zahur H Zaidi, the inspector general of Himachal Pradesh’s Southern Range, was formed to investigate the case and catch the culprits. The police team arrested 6 people, but according to the victim’s family, the real culprits were still roaming free. The matter got worse when one of the arrested, Suraj Singh, died in police custody. This was a major mishandling of the case, which prompted the Himachal Pradesh High Court to step in and order a CBI probe. Based on its investigation, the CBI today arrested the 8 policemen including the top cop. Further investigations are being conducted to sort out the mess and catch the real culprits.

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