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Top food blogger of India – Uttpal Krushna

IMG_5576I started as a Food blogger being a self trained Chef and eventually got into Products and Movie Review writing, Lifestyle blogging, Content Editing and Recipe Improvisation. People now know me as a Social Influencer. Besides all this I am also a certified Personal Nutritionist. They all know me as U K in the Blogosphere and I am working hard to make U K an Influencer brand.

I have wanted to be a Chef since childhood, which was never appreciated in the family and I was never allowed to take that as a profession. After settling down in life, I decided to fulfill my wish. Food is a passion for me so a website was necessary to showcase my skills and that is how came into existence which later changed to My motivation has always been the readers who have given me fantastic response and showered love and affection  on me and my work by way of their comments.

I think it is the simple style of writing, which I have adapted over the years and which strikes a chord with a new reader. The reason most readers come back to my blog is purely because I am able to relate to what they can easily read and understand without straining too much on the jargons and words many use to impress the readers.

I don’t promote my blog as a whole. I have earned my rankings by promoting my posts on twitter and Google+. I hold on to my readers, as they are the ones who make your blog popular by returning back the next day, every time. I spend time on Twitter interacting with them and I feel Twitter is coming up as a good source of announcing new posts as you write them.

For me, my readers comments and feedback matters most and that’s the gratifying aspect of blogging for me.

In case bloggers want to get in the mainstream Influencer marketing, they should focus on quality content, develop a regular reader base and then get into this. Companies are fast to pick up and also quick enough to drop Influencers depending on their performance.

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