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Top food items you need to avoid when suffering from Arthritis

food avoid in athritis

Stiffness of the joints accompanied by swelling and excessive pain is known as Arthritis. It can be a really devastating disease to deal with. Arthritis is a genetically transferred disease and can affect people of any age and gender. This condition can typically be treated with pain killers and anti-inflammatory medications. However, there are certain food items that you should avoid if suffering from Arthritis.

  1. Food containing excessive sugar and refined carbohydrates: Consuming food items with high sugar content or refined carbohydrates can increase the amount of AGEs (Advanced glycation end product) in your body, which will further enhance the inflammation of the joints. Therefore, it is advised to cut off candies, baked items from white flour, sodas, and processed food items to reduce the severity of arthritis pain.
  2. Processed and fried food items: Various researches show reducing the consumption of processed or fried food items in your diet has a positive effect on reducing the inflammation in the body. Also, the intake of a healthy diet will help in restoring the natural defences. Therefore, you should avoid fried meat or frozen meals in your daily diet and include more fresh fruits and vegetables.
  3. Cease the consumption of Tobacco and Alcohol: Everyone is aware of the harmful effects of consumption of alcohol and tobacco. While smokers possess the risk of suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, the ones consuming alcohol might develop gout. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle by performing physical activities, consuming a healthy diet along with an adequate amount of rest will keep you fit and healthy. However, cutting back on drinking and smoking habit to improve the quality of living is a must.
  4. Avoid dairy products: Consumption of dairy products can possess adverse effects on the joints affected by arthritis. This is mainly because the type of protein contained in the dairy products aggravates the tissues present around the joints and resulting in excessive inflammation. The patients of arthritis are suggested to switch into vegan diet plan; get your protein content from plant products like spinach, tofu, nut butter, lentils, quinoa, and beans; instead of animal products like meat and dairy.

Preservatives and Salty food: Most of the canned food items contain excessive salts and preservatives to prolong their shelf life. People suffering from arthritis are mainly suggested to cut down on their consumption of excessive salt in order to reduce the inflammation of the joints. The next time before purchasing the canned food items, read the labels to avoid consumption of preservatives and additives.

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