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Top Govt. Autonomous Organization Outsources Tech Manpower from ACSG Corp.

ACSG Corp., a leading critical infrastructure security company, feels immensely validated in the business choices it has made in past with the additions successfully acquired in the year 2018. Having started its first quarter of 2019 with flourish, the company is going strong with several prominent names associating with it now. One such noteworthy project ACSG Corp. has bagged is of the country’s top Govt. Autonomous Organization for outsourcing its tech manpower requirements for specific internal projects. Alongside this, the company has also ventured into 4 prominent segments this year, including Media, Urban Planning && Development, spreading its wings of exposure far & wide with over 40 more clients to account for.

Speaking about this mutually beneficial association, Pankaj Kumar, President, ACSG Corp., commented, “We feel great pride in extending our horizons with each passing day, serving such renowned Govt. bodies that serves as great exposure to our skilled team of professionals. We are looking forward to catering the tech manpower requirements of this leading Govt. autonomous organization this time. We aim at finding and giving them the best tech resources for their website development and GIGW compliance, which issues guidelines for Indian Govt. websites.”

To begin with, this association is to be for a duration of six months and being extended further, depending on incoming tech requirements. ACSG Corp. initially plans on sending a core, select team of two experts to the client site office for a dedicated program, which will be including creation of immediate need websites along with their mobile platforms and other service inclusions such as service programming. Interestingly, the company has also worked earlier with this Govt. body to use social media platform to propagate Govt. policies to all respective stakeholders effectively.

Kumar added, “With over 80 advanced tech training centers running globally, ACSG Corp. banks upon its competent team that has got ample experience having worked with more than 150 Govt. clients for over a decade. With expertise in crucial domains like Analytics, Cyber Security and Automation among others, ACSG Corp.’s team makes it for the best fit for key Govt. institutions. As we follow the JTC approach, that’s how our manpower is continually being trained and educated with latest marketing trends to apply to their different projects aptly.”

It is an established fact that with rising cyber security challenges in the fast-paced world, expert tech professionals have become indispensable in most segments today. ACSG Corp. owns proficient expertise in both finding and refining the best tech talent as well as developing innovative and advanced tech software to systematically assist in serving the Govt. security compliances of Indian Govt. through its own internationally recognized standard of functionality and delivery.

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