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TOP Ideas for Winter Date! You’re NOT Boring Anymore!

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It is time to go out and have fun this winter! Areyoucold? Don’tworryaboutit! Your car can be the most comfortable way of traveling over the country. You can use Green Motion car rental in Orlando, or whenever you are traveling and get the best car and the most attractive price for it. So, where are you going to go for the date? It often happens that winter seems to be a little boring and dull. This article is going to help you to find out some joy and happiness. Askyourgirlfriendforadate! Make your winter active! Being active is the best way to have an interesting and memorable date!



This must be you motto for the next weekend! Winter is a perfect time to spend some hours out of the house. It must be a good idea for you next date!

Ice Skating

It’s so romantic to go skating hand in hand with your lover. Itdoesn’treallymatterif it is day or night, indoor or outdoor skating, snowy or dull weather. It doesn’t even matter if you are not a good skater. It’s ok if you can’t jump or spin around. This is a chance to spend some time together, drink some hot cocoa after skating, and warm up. It is better to check the prices for city ice rinks beforehand.


The most of the people think that sledding is good for kids only. Forgetit! Itcanbereallyfunnyforyourfriend! It’stimetorelax, playsnowballs, go sledding from the highest hill. You will have fun and get some new pleasant emotions to remember. Take pictures, hugs, kisses, and go for coffee to the nearest cafe.


Skydivingispossibleeveninwinter. Therearemanycompaniesthatofferyousuchaninterestingservice. This is a good opportunity to get adrenaline and remember this crazy day for long. It is important to get consultation and arrange about date and place beforehand.


Snowshoes Walk

It can be very romantic to take a walk to the snowy forest in the evening. Howcanyoudothat? Youmayusesnowshoes. This accessory makes your walk interesting and adventurous. On the one hand it can be a good physical training. On the other you’ll see the most beautiful evening view. Itcanbereallyimpressive.


If you like playing football, you can easily do it even in winter. How? Oh, it’sverysimple. Youdon’tevenneedaspecialfieldforthat. Justmarkthefieldborderswith different colors and start playing. Ifyouaregoingtoplayatnight, youneedsomefluorescent paints. Your girlfriend doesn’t like football! It’s not a problem at all! You can use the same field to play hockey or s-called broom ball! Whatdoyouneedforthat? Youneedabroom! If you want more fun, you can invite your friend or just passing by people to participate.


If you want to build up good tight relation and live happily, you should trust each other. Thereisagoodexerciseaboutit. Youcantrywinteralpinism. Ofcourse, itisdangeroustoclimbupamountaininwinter. So, youarerecommendedtofindagoodplaceforitindoors. There are many gyms and sport centers that offer you their attractive proposals about it. Justgetaconsultationanddecidewhichplaceyoulikethemost.

Computer Games

Havenotimetoplanyourdateinthebestway? Don’tworryaboutit! You can stay at home and play some computer games together. There are many computer games that are about winter sports. Competewitheachother. Letthewinnergethisprice – a home-madedinner.


Dancingisagoodactivityeveninwinter. Youcantake a dance class together. It must be something new, interesting, and challenging for both of you. Dancingteachesyoulistening, supporting, cooperating.

Couple Yoga

Couple yoga is good for young couples and for partners who need to renew their relations. This is a kind of ideal training even in winter. Do you have yoga classes in you city? If so, it is time to call and ask for a visit. Don’t worry if you have never taken yoga classes before! Therearemanyinterestingexercisesforbeginners.


Carriages are mostly available in big cities. It can be a kind of romantic date to catch a carriage and take a ride out of the city with you partner. Youcantravelatnight. Itmustbeevenmoreromantic. Doesthepriceforcarriageseemtobeveryexpensiveforyou? Youcansharethepricewithanothercouple and have something like double date.

Christmas season is good for planning dates. You have much to do! If you feel bored when you are cooking, cleaning, shopping you can go outside and spend your day with your partner actively. Areyougoingtostartasnowfight? Nice! Let it be! It must be more interesting than wasting time by watching TV shows.

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