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Top in-demand technical skills to learn online

technical skills60 lac students graduate every year and only 8-10% get a job. With the rise in the number of students graduating every year without a proper set of skills, there has been a substantial rise in unemployment. The skill gap can be bridged with the help of E-Learning. 

E-learning provides students with an opportunity to learn with a lot of flexibility and convenience. It helps them to upgrade themselves with the new skills learnt and helps to increase the chances of getting hired.

‘Think big, believe big and act big. The results will eventually be big.” is what Abhishek Bhattacharya, a 3rd year B.Techstudent from Maharaja Surajmal Institute of Technologyhad to say about his tryst with E-learning. He was on a quest of learning new skills and after thorough research; he opted for training in Data Analytics. The duration of the training was 4 weeks and it provided him with ample opportunities to get an in-depth understanding of the subject. During the campus placement drive, he had a group interview for an opportunity to get a job with an MNC and he was able to outshine others because of the knowledge and experience he had gained during his training. He was offered the job, which he accepted. 

The reason for him getting hired was not only that he had attained new skills but also the skills that he had attained were what the employers were seeking. To help you find the relevant skills that could help increase your chances of getting hired, we have briefly described the top trainings you that can opt for.

  1. Web Development:

Web development is the work involved in developing a web site. Web development can range from developing a single page to the most complex websites.There are two kinds of web developer specialization: front-end developer and back-end developer. Front-end developers deal with the layout and visuals of a website, while back-end developers deal with the functionality of a website.

  1. Android App Development:

With 2Bn+ users, Android is the most commonly used mobile OS. There are plenty of apps designed for Android and can be download through the Google Play Store.Apps are designed to let you access different information through it and the simplicity of it makes it unique and PayTM, Uber, Ola are some of the most commonly used applications. The functionalities of Appsand Android are endless.Last year, with the launch of Android Oreo, there has been an increase in the number of companies trying to venture into app development and thus creating a pool of opportunities.

  1. Python:

Python has emerged as a shining star of the coding world while providing you with an opportunity to transform your imagination of creating cool characters in games into reality. It is an open source language and can easily be used by every programmer without any qualms. Being an Interpretive and Object-oriented Programming (OOP) language it adapts itself to the real world and works on debugging the codes without the hassle of a compiler thus saving time on refining the code lines.

  1. Programming with C and C++:

These are the basic level programming languages and are used when a better command of hardware is required. It is essential to learn C and C++ to learn other programming languages. This training will help you learn the basic techniques of integrating function sets, generic application development and general method of the architecture of business solutions. A training will be a perfect guide for you to understand on how to create software using C and C++. 

  1. AutoCAD:

This the primary software used for drawing layouts of houses or machines and the intricacies of it. This training will help you understand computer-aided drafting and design using AutoCAD. The skills will also help you work on Civil, Mechanical or Architectural projects in the future.

These are some of the trainings that are currently in demand and with the world moving closer to technology, these trainings equip you with skills to land your dream job. Being afresher without any prior knowledge and experience shouldn’t stop you from enrolling for these trainings. The only perquisite is hard work and perseverance, and this could be the perfect stepping stone to your career.  

Courtesy:Internshala Trainings

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