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Top IT Trends for 2016

Mr. Saif Ahmad, Founding CEO at Hallwaze Inc.Evolution is one basic rule for survival in every living race and is equally applicable for our surroundings. Old furniture moves out of home during spring clean and the modern ones take over. The same strategy applies to Information Technology because of which it is constantly maturing to be able to satiate our ever-growing need with ease. It starts as something incipient and soon becomes so indispensable that we wonder if we could ever survive without it.

Fresher technologies like smart devices, 3D printing, IoT, mobile applications etc. are making their way in mainstream adoption. Every year a cycle of trend follows and though it is impossible to anticipate what will trend, certain aspects of IT can be speculated. Based on such conjectures, a list of technology trends that may thrive in 2016, are cited here under: 

Conking Traditional Operating Systems

Microsoft has taken full command over Windows 10 updates which only mean one thing. Gone are the days of offline Windows OS. Microsoft is trying every bit to compel people to use the latest Windows OS versions that are completely online and strictly tied with licenses. These are subscription-based operating systems and service fees are requisites. Even Google is not far behind in pushing Chrome OS to be used as a gateway to its online services. A constant stream of background updates will take over the version number completely, and you will probably require far better internet connectivity than your current plan. 

Mobile Devices to Gain More Splendour

This doesn’t simply mean hike in number of PDA users, but also a pool of other reasons that contribute in the growing number of smartphone users. India currently ranks as the third-largest start-up country after USA and UK. The increasing number of e-commerce ventures is fuelling the growth of business in the mobile ecosystem. Mobile platform is surged with apps to carry out a slew of activities like shopping, recharge, fund transfer, games, social network, ticket booking, and what not. This will incline people to install more applications and carry out most online activities through your smartphone. 2016 should also mark an increase in the number of mobile wallet users across the peninsula.

Country’s e-commerce revenue is expected to hit a mark of $30 Billion in 2016 and leaders believe that mobile commerce could contribute approximately 70% of the total revenue. 

Cyber Security Should Top the Priority List of Companies as well as Authorities

Both Companies and government should devise a stringent pro-active security policy that reaches beyond the basic identity theft protection and virus removal. The increased use of interconnected mobile phones, multitudes of apps and services require more pervasive and customized security measures. For authorities, cyber threat should be a peek priority as cyber crimes, attacks, anti-national activities, economic frauds, cyber warfare, etc. will become more and more prominent. 

More Power to Virtualization and Cloud

OpenStack (an open cloud OS that lets IT manage, store, compute and network in their data centre) solution should be a game changer for this year. It cuts cost, enhance flexibility and improvesresource utilization. The demands of rich graphic are growing. This will entail data centres to host and run these applications with virtual machines. This will also increase demand for workforce in intelligent data centre this year.

Speaking of Cloud, on the other hand, companies have their increasing interest in the cloud to help them manage their IT resource with ease and effectiveness and maximise their returns on investment. Companies now a days are adopting cloud not only for its cost effectiveness but also to use the cloud as a robust platform with high responsiveness. 

The Internet of Things (IoT) Getting Bigger

IoT or Internet of Things is just a concept so far, but it might go mainstream in 2016. In fact, there are chances you won’t even notice it. To start with, IoT is the network of physical objectssuch as devices, buildings, vehicles, and other items embedded with network connectivity, electronics and software sensors that allowthese objects to gather and exchange data. The Internet of Things allows objects to be detected and controlled remotely across prevailing network infrastructure. This creates an opportunity for easier direct integration of physical world into computer-based systems which results in better efficiency, economic benefit, and accuracy.

It is estimated that nearly 6.4 billion devices will be connected globally. A 30% jump is expected straight from this year itself. It is not even necessary that these be actual devices, but it will still gather information about your regular habit to be able to cater your personal needs well. For example, if you go to buy a train ticket, the teller can automatically dispense an appropriate ticket based on your regular travel schedule. Many such technologies are expected to venture this year. The policy framework for IoT is still formulating and India is targeting a 6 percent share in this $300 billion global industry.

Overall, enterprise tech ventures will shape the industry this year and the entire trajectory of 2016 will be marked by innovative technologies and high-end gadgets. Strong services will be created and new business opportunities will cultivate.

by: Mr. Saif Ahmad Founding CEO of Hallwaze Inc.

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