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Top Job Opportunities To Enjoy With PMI PMP Certification

How would you feel, if you found yourself amongst other applicants for a top paying job, but then you realized they all have professional certification and you don’t? True, you’d likely feel less confident about your chances, as certification is a validation of one’s skills by a reputable organization known worldwide. So, to avoid that, the PMI PMP certificate is your answer, as it doesn’t just confirm your expertise, but gives you a competitive edge amongst candidates in a similar field

Certainly, the Professional Management Professionaldesignationor PMP is designed for ambitious professionals who are interested in improving their skills, boosting theircredentials, and solidifyingtheir chances of getting the top-paying jobs in any industry. So, you certainly want to be put in this category of people, don’t you?

How Does the PMI PMP Certification Validate Your Skills?

To confirm that you’re truly a PMI-certified project management specialist, you will have to prove your knowledge and skillset bypassing the certification’s namesake exam which will involve a variety of 180 questions covering the domains of people, process, and business environment. Also, the exam will last 230 minutes and will require that you pay a registration fee of $405 as a PMI member or $555 as a non-member

Highest-Paying Job Roles You Can Qualify for with Your PMI PMP Credential

Now, let’s walk you through some of the top-paying jobs for PMP. Note, however, that they are all in one way or another related to project management. However, only your experience and qualifications determine in which area you apply your expertise.

  • Pharmaceutical Project Manager

These specialists work to ensure that research and development activities are on schedule and within a stipulated budget. Moreover, the general goal of pharmaceutical project management professionals is to oversee the successful development of new medications for treating diseases and other health-related problems. In addition, they team up with engineers, doctors, researchers, and involve such duties as documentation, data, and error report management.

Therefore, this is no surprise considering that by 2022, the pharmaceutical industry is expected to reach more than $1.1 trillion in sales.But now, according to the website, the average salary of project managers related to pharmaceuticalsis around $95,121.

  • Human Resources Project Manager

The role of these professionals isto plan human resources and allocate staff to their companies. They also determine the organization’s ability to meet project staffing requirements, assign personnel to projects, as well as hire new employees. So, the average salary of a human resource project manager is $100,809 in accordance with

  • Aerospace Project Manager

An aerospace PM works with designers and engineers to ensure the early delivery of new aircraft. S/he also focuses a lot more on risk management and quality control as well as the successful development of aerospace systems and new aircraft. And according to the site, the average salary of an aerospace project manager is around $87,068.

  • Project Management Consultant

A project management consultant develops and implements improved business solutions to meet client requirements. Project management consultants also attend business meetings to analyze budgets and costs, assist in the development of business plans and provide regular briefings on those plans. It is also part of the job to communicate with customers and clients to determine their needs or requirements.The average salary of a Project Management Consultant is $109,690per year as stated by


So, now you know what highest-paying positions you can enjoy being PMI PMP certified. Agree, the prospects are tremendous. Therefore, your next challenge will be to get your PMP badge and improve your chances of working with the top industries and professionals.

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