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Top natural aphrodisiacs that actually work

how ayurvedic treatment works

Nature has provided us with many natural aphrodisiacs in the form of herbs, fruits, vegetables etc to enhance our libido, otherwise known as sexual desire or sex drive. These spices, herbs and supplements have been in use for hundreds of years. In fact, these natural aphrodisiacs are popular even today; despite of many fancy artificial means available these days. So, if you want to boost your libido naturally than go through the below points to discover the best natural aphrodisiacs foods that increase sexual desires in both sexes:

  • Garlic:

Despite of its strong aroma, garlic is a very powerful aphrodisiacs. It not only creates sexual desire, but also helps combats bacteria and viruses, helps in circulation of blood and is very healthy to consume. So add a pinch of garlic in your daily diet not only to enjoy the food but also to experience great love life.

  • Spicy chilly peppers:

Spicy foods can raise the libido level. Consuming chilly peppers facilitates the process of perspiration from the palms or the forehead and improves blood circulation which is considered the key factor of sexual stimulation.

  • Chocolates:

The aromatic ingredients in chocolate act directly on the taste receptors of the tongue, causing the production of endorphins, substances that makes you feel good. Chocolate also contains tryptophan, an amino acid that is associated with the feeling of relaxation and satisfaction. Moreover, it is considered good for your heart and it stimulates energy level and when the body is relaxed and energetic sexual desires tend to be more.

  • Oysters:

This is the most popular aphrodisiac food. The high nutritional value present in the oyster improves your mood, promotes the production of androgens and gives you a better blood circulation. Oysters contain high levels of zinc, which stimulates the production of testosterone which is a key hormone for sexual desire and performance. You can combine oysters with refreshing lemon and a glass of wine.

  • Champagne:

The fact that alcohol reduces inhibitions is true, but most alcoholic drinks drain your energy level. They may give you a boost initially, but they soon leave you with very little energy and reduce the blood flow which is vital for sexual stimulation. However, champagne is an exception. Due to the presence of carbon dioxide, you will be loaded with energy even if the drink makes you high. Moreover, it also helps to increase the duration of foreplay as well as the time of intercourse.

No matter how happy you are in your intimate life, each and everyone wants to enjoy more and better sex. And now, that you are aware of the various natural aphrodisiacs, you can utilize them to make your sex life better.

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