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Top outdoor activities to do in the Thar Desert

Camel Safari

Rajasthan, the royal kingdom famous for its palaces, forts, colourful culture and lots of incredible experiences. With diversified climate you can enjoy lovely hill station Mount Abu in one hand and the enthralling desert rides in Thar Desert on the other.

Famous for its Thar Desert which is also known as Great Indian Desert. These deserts are major part of Rajasthan tour packages and witness lots of tourist every year from all over the world. Some of the best places to visit in Thar Desert to enjoy Forts, local villages, craft, scrub forests along with the sand dune are

Jaisalmer –a world heritage site, which stands on a ridge of yellowish sandstone, known as ‘Golden City’, popular for Jaisalmer Fort, stunning sand dunes and adventure activities.

Jodhpur –A historic city situated on the edge of Thar Desert, known as gateway to Thar. The city was built as a new capital of Marwar to replace the old Mandore, ruins of which are still visible near Mandore Gardens. Popular for “Mehrangarh fort”a beautiful monument built in a rocky cliff overlooking the entire city.

Bikaner –Bikaner is known as one of the three great desert kingdoms of Rajasthan. Home to forts, palaces, ancient temples and delicious Rajasthani food.

You can enjoy lots of outdoor activities when you are in Thar Desert such as;

Camel Safari

Thar Desert is a crown of Rajasthan and most admired location for the adventures it offers.Only camels can survive and navigate in the hotness and roughness of desert that’s why they are rightly known as ship of desert and the moment you enter Thar Desert, you will notice lot of camels.

Camels are huge, sitting oncamel’s back gives you an amazing view of desert land. Roaming around in nicely decorated camels is an amazing experience, theyalso add on colours to the golden desert, otherwise as far as you can see you will see golden desert and the blue sky only.

These safari tours vary from few hours to a couple of weeks which includes ocean of sand dune through rural village while revealing the spectacular sunset sights.

Jeep Safari/ Dune bashing

If you think, dune bashing is popular adventure sports of Gulfs and Arabs, you have to rethink because Thar Desert areas near Jaisalmer are also considered as an ideal locationfor dune bashing. One of the best experiences for adventure lovers.

You can take your SUV to the vast desert land and enjoy the enthralling ride or else you can hire a Jeep or a SUV, there are many operators to arrange the Dune bashing trips. You will be able to enjoy the enthralling experience of going up and down in the sand,which is not lesser then a roller coaster ride.

Quad Biking

If you love biking, then you can experience the ultimate joy of riding a quad bike in the golden land of Thar desert. It will be a guided tour but exploring the desert on a four-tire bike will surely quench your thirst for adventure.


Camping tops the list of must do outdoor activity in any Rajasthan tour packages of Thar desert, with fine stretches of sand it is home to several desert camps and you can’t afford to miss staying in one of them, which is one of the once in a lifetime of experience. These camps are set amidst fascinating sand dunes under the open sky.

You can find luxury hotels anywhere, forget about them and book your one-night stay in desert to enjoy a totally different experience which will bring you close to the real life of desert, you will realise how tough it is to manage everything in desert.

While staying in camps, don’t worry about comfort, the camps are well maintained with comfy beds, luxury amenities and delicious Rajasthani cuisines along with folk music, dance performances, regional cuisine and bonfires at night.

Parasailing and Paragliding

You can enjoy these activities in the middle of Thar Desert. If you are an adventure junkie, both activities are must. The sky is clear most of the time and huge stretches of sand gives you a perfect view of the desert land.

Both Parasailing and Paragliding will fulfil your dream of flying like a bird in the blue sky. If you will go for these adventures’ early morning or in the evening you will be able to enjoy the amazing site of sunrise and sunset sky.

Local Sightseeing

Thar Deserts are home to numerous abandoned villages, bestowed with some of the very old forts, palaces and historical sites. So, it’s an important part of outdoor activities that you can enjoy in Thar desert, visit these forts to admire the incredible architecture.

Visit ancient temples to get blessings. Stroll around the old streets to get closer to the culture and enjoy local tempting food.


There are lots of colourful items to shop in Rajasthan such as jootis, puppets, decorative items, bags, jewellery, and accessories. Rajasthani clothes are also famous and favourite among tourists. These incredible items make shopping a must outdoor activity in Thar Desert.

You can buy yellow sandstone showpieces to gift your friends and family as a memento of your trip to the adventurous desert land.


Photography is an integral part of any trip to make it memorable or to keep those memories alive throughout life. When you are in Thar desert it’s a must because the desert landscape is different, sunset and sunrise are beautiful from the golden land and if you go for night camping star filled sky looks so mesmerized that you can’t stop yourself from taking a picture of it.

Above all, its colourful culture especially the traditionally dressed men and women. There are ample opportunities for excellent photo shoots, so make it top the list of outdoor activity to do in Thar Desert.

Best time to book Rajasthan tour packages that includes Thar Desert is in the cool months between Octobers to February. Summers are too hot, and it becomes unbearable for those who are not accustomed to it. In the winter’sdays are very pleasant but the nights are extremely cold so pack your bag accordingly.

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