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Top pet-friendly hotels in India for your pooch

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Planning a holiday is much more fun now. You can take your beloved pooch along with you for a vacation with no worries of leaving him back at home! Exciting isn’t it? There are a number of pet-friendly hotels that have come up in India to let your dog have a gala time. Here is a list of all the luxury hotels that grandly welcome your pets:

  1. Vivanta by Taj, Kerala:

Bring your pooch or poodle for a change to the beach side. The Taj in Kovalam, Kerala offers best deals for the pets. They have spacious rooms, toys, cozy beds, and a care-taker to watch your dog too. They even proffer spa and massages so that your poochcan rejuvenate as you. Let your kid enjoy all the attention.

  1. Fraser Suites, Delhi:

Allow your pet to enjoy all the attention and comfort at The Fraser Suites. While you can have a plush stay in Delhi, so can your pooch, and at minimal charges. Spa, grooming, and all other kinds of relieving services for your dog are available in this motel.

  1. Arco Iris Homestay, Goa:

Make this trip for your dog baby full of opulence. Numerous options for delectable food, a cozy comforter and bed, toys, and a big garden for the dog for an unrestrained run are some specialties offered at the resort. And for you, there is even more. Definitely visit the place to feel its positive aura.

  1. Camp Della Resort, Lonavala:

One of the most popular pet-amiable and hospitable hotels in India is Camp Della Resort. Be it the bedding arrangements, food, dog-sitting or walking your pet through the beautiful gardens, the resort does not leave any lacunae in making your vacations the memorable one.

  1. Our Native Village, Bangalore:

The most finely good-natured pet-affectionate hotel in the country is Our Native Village in Bangalore. Spacious, well maintained and hygienic, this hotel has an open field nearby where your pooch can jump, kick, bark aloud and run to its heart’s content. Let the rustic surroundings unwind the playful spirit of your dog.

  1. Elgin Hotel and Resort, Darjeeling:

Do you wish your pooch to set free, smile and be happier than ever? Then bring it to this stay place in Darjeeling. The cool atmosphere of Darjeeling and a warm welcome by the hotel is a pleasure in itself. Added to these is the impressive behavior of the staffs and benevolence towards animals is what makes your stay even more delightsome.

Now you need not to give it a second thought to leave your pet back at home. Make the furry member of your family feel the happiness and rejoice.

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