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Top Priorities for Digital Marketers in 2018

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With the New Year taking shape, it’s time for marketers to revisit their digital marketing strategies and evaluate its overall effectiveness. This would be the most appropriate time to make changes or devise new strategies to be able to achieve the digital marketing goals for 2018. A lot has changed during the last 12 months and it’s prudent that marketers focus on evolving strategies that are in line with emerging trends in the digital world. Let’s take a look at the top priorities for digital marketers in 2018.

Voice search: An increasing number of web and app users have started using voice commands to search and find things that they need. This trend is evident in the increasing sales of connected speakers such as Google Home and Amazon Echo. Reports indicate that by the end of 2018, these products will be available in around 14 percent households in the United States. These voice supported devices are making inroads globally as well. Businesses will have to analyze this voice-driven landscape and devise relevant digital marketing strategies that can help achieve desired results. Focusing on voice-driven e-commerce will be a top priority for marketers in 2018.

Video: This digital marketing tool will continue to hold sway in 2018. Consumption of video content has been increasing every year and the trend will continue in 2018. Millennials would be the most relevant to target via video content since this group is the biggest consumer of video content. Recent social media features such as Instagram Stories and Facebook Live have made video content even more alluring for the young generation. Creating top quality and engaging video content will be a priority for marketers in 2018.

Augmented Reality: This is being increasingly used to create immersive experiences for users. From games to apps, product presentations and 3D virtual tours, augmented reality has transformed the way people and brands interact in the digital space. A lot more can be expected, as creating augmented reality apps has become a lot easier now with the launch of Apple’s ARKit and Google’s ARcore. Brands can experiment with AR in 2018 with the goal to improve customer experiences.

Marketers also need to focus on personalization ofdigital marketing initiatives, as it has shown to increase sales by up to 20 percent. There’s huge scope for this since currently only around 6 percent of marketers have a dedicated personalization strategy. Top companies such as Google, Netflix, and Spotify have benefittedimmensely from personalization strategies and now it’s time for other businesses to follow suit. Users prefer personalized experiences, as it makes it easier for them to find things they are looking for.

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