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Top signs that suggest you are a workaholic

While working hard can be a thing, being a workaholic is a totally new dimension to deal with. There have been various studies being held to understand the concept of workaholism since the past 45 years. The people are able to take their work home with the help of the latest technologies and have been seemed to work round the clock. The addiction to work has become such a serious issue in this generation that workaholism has been given the tag of being the addiction of this century. Here are some of the signs that indicate you are a complete workaholic.

  1. You spend almost no time socializing: The members of your family or your friends might be having a neglected feeling. They must have mentioned the issue to you to which your reply usually is, you have a lot of pressure from work. Spending a lot of time with your work is making you miss all the events with your family or is keeping you away from your friends. Do not get so much indulged into work that you start drifting away from your family.
  2. The balance between your work and personal life is almost negligible: You bring the work along with you to home, which not only includes the mental stress but also affects your health drastically and you are never really relaxing.
  3. You have a disturbed sleep: While you are going to bed the phone goes along with you too. The sleeping patterns have been totally disrupted as keep waking up in the middle of the night to check about all the important messages from work.
  4. Unable to take a proper holiday: Even while you are on a vacation or taking a leave from your work, you cannot just switch the phone off and forget about your work for a while. You really need to delegate your work to your subordinates and take some time off from the office.

If any of the signs mentioned-above ring a bell to you, congratulations! You have been declared as the workaholic of the year. However, achieving it may sound right now to you, this addiction of yours is actually affecting your career in a very negative way. Doing excessive work can get you all worked up and take possibly poor decisions. Therefore, you should consider taking a step back and address the elephant in the room.  

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