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Top unknown facts about Banana you never knew


Everyone knows that bananas are nutrient-rich and good for health. However, did you know that there are a lot more fascinating facts about this famous fruit which you are probably unaware of? For instance, did you know that the smell of bananas may help suppress your appetite or that they can help you feel happy? In simple words, there is more to bananas than what you may think. So, read on to know some of the unknown and surprising facts about these tasty mutants:

  • Smell of bananas may act like an appetite suppressant:

As per a study conducted at Chicago-based Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, the smell of certain foods could trick the brain to think that you have eaten them actually. And one such food items is bananas. So, smell a banana the next time you’re hungry and save yourself from some fatty trouble.

  • Bananas are diet-friendly:

Bananas don’t just act like an appetite suppressant; they are diet-friendly too. A medium sized banana contains 110 calories and offers 30gms of carbohydrates and 3gms of fiber. Additionally, the fruit also contains resistant starch, a kind of carbohydrate which one cannot digest. This helps you feel fuller for a longer time. A normal-sized banana can contain up to 2-3gms of resistant starch which makes it a good choice as a mid-afternoon snack.

  • Bananas help maintain a healthy heart:

A medium-sized banana contains 422mgs of potassium while still being low on sodium content and therefore help lower the risk of high blood pressure and heart stroke. Potassium is an electrolyte which the body needs to maintain the flow of electrical impulses. In the absence of these electrical impulses, the heart won’t operate. Thus, include bananas in your diet to maintain a healthy heart.   

  • Banana peels are good for the skin:

Don’t just throw away the banana peels in trash. According to studies, the leftover peels can prove to be quite useful to treat skin problems. For example, these can be used to treat poison ivy rashes, bug bites and even acne. Besides, the banana peels are rich in vitamins A, B, C, E, manganese, zinc, minerals and iron which are all significant for skin health. So, rubbing the peels all over will not just make your skin soft but also treat a number of skin issues.

  • Bananas help elevate your mood:

Feeling depressed? Eat bananas. This fruit can help make you feel happy as they contain an amino acid called tryptophan. The body processes tryptophan and converts it into serotonin, which acts like a neurotransmitter and helps elevate your mood.

So there it is, a few facts to make you ‘go bananas’ about bananas. This tropical fruit is not just extremely nutritious but has several other benefits as well which make it all the more significant in our lives.

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